John Howard Australian Prime Minister

In far too many instances do Domestic Violence Restraining Order Offenders get away with the crime that says they will be arrested if he/she breaches the restraining order. Example: I have had a domestic Violence restraining order on someone since Feb 2000, and in that time he has done nothing but harass, threaten my life, stalk me, and well breach the restraining order, all breaches are reported, and like other domestic Violence victims, the offender gets away with it..NO JAIL, just a little chat with a police officer. I can not leave my home without fearing for my life, wondering if he is watching me, wondering if he is hiding behind something waiting to knock me over the head.

This problem is Australia wide... far too many times does the victim feel unsafe and victimised with no way to protect themselves because the police and court system are not doing what they say they will do... which is put the offender in jail, and far too many times does the offender get away scott free, with a warning. I was told by a police officer that before they would do anything to stop this man from breaching the restraining order, he would have to physically abuse me...too bad if i am dead before i can contact the police. I was told by the police that i need to have a witness...he breaches the order and i have a security door man of a hotel as my witness, but he still got away with it.

I was told by the judge who granted my restraining order that if he was to breach the order he would be arrested, then when i go to have my order altered to prevent him coming anywhere near my home, I was treated like the villain and was not granted the protection i required. The way it is right now, I have no life and the authorities are allowing him to continue ruining my life.


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