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1. WJJG is For Smart Shows Only

Not only did 2011 see the sudden death of Joe Gentile, but the removal of intelligent programming and music from weekdays (and even parts of the weekend).

It is totally unfair to get rid of Angry White Male, Job Talk, John DiVita's Morning Show, and other programming that made WJJG an amazing radio station.

Mancow should not be on at all. He is incoherent and his show does not belong on a community radio station like WJJG. Michael Savage should be aired in two hours or removed too, and sent back to WIND.

If you believe that WJJG should continue with original programming and music during weekdays, please sign this petition. This is an outrage and we need to keep whatever we have left of special radio stations like WJJG.

2. 2010 Democratic Platform

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3. 2010 Platform

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To: Speaker of the House Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Reid

After members of the Republican leadership in Congress provided voters with "A Pledge to America" in September, former President Clinton said, "I think that the president and the Democrats, even at this late date, should view this as an opportunity and an obligation to say, 'All right, they've organized their national plan. Here's what ours is. If you hire us for 2 more years, here's what we're going to do."

We fully agree. It is time to stop spreading falsehoods about the Republican governing agenda, especially using "Social Security scare tactics to gain ground before the November election." Similar claims were thoroughly discredited by FactCheck.Org and the Washington Post during the 2008 presidential campaign, and we believe your fellow citizens deserve a much more honest national debate about the major economic issues that Congress has failed to deal with.

That's why we urge you to follow the Republicans' lead by providing us with a 2010 Platform that is also focused on job creation and deficit reduction. All voters, especially the third of us who are Independents, have a right to expect at least that much from those we elect to serve us.

It has become apparent to us that your Democratic majority has been distracted by far too many other "top priorities" during the past 2 years, which helps to explain why our unemployment rate rose much faster and higher than in many other industrialized nations, and why our national debt has grown by $3 trillion! It is obviously time to change course, and we recommend that you start by pledging to address all major tax issues in a timely fashion. As Democratic Senator Ben Nelson said after Congress adjourned "earlier than any other Congress over the past 40 years:"

"I would have preferred to have the Bush tax cuts extended for everyone before we left. But the Democratic leadership evaluated that and made the decision not to bring them up. My preference would have been to get them done and passed as quickly as possible so that there is more certainty and clarity for businesses."

The uncertainty over those and some of President Obama's many other tax promises* has undoubtedly had an adverse effect on our nation's economy, and not just for businesses. When it lowered our country's 2011 growth forecast recently, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) stated, "Much of the weakness of this recovery is due to sluggish personal consumption." And as that same article points out, consumer spending "accounts for about 70 percent of the U.S. economy."

We are therefore very interested in learning which of President Obama's unfulfilled tax pledges you intend to keep, including the two that appear to have already been broken:

1. No Family Making Less Than $250,000 Will See "Any Form of Tax Increase."

2. End Income Tax for Seniors Making Less Than $50,000

* These tax pledges were taken from the "Obameter" section of Politifact, which won a Pulitzer Prize in 2009 for "separating rhetoric from truth to enlighten voters" in their coverage of the 2008 election. They recently determined that, out of the more than 500 promises they have evaluated, only 24% have been kept. This stands in stark contrast to the 70% grade they quoted President Obama as giving himself:

"I keep in my pocket a checklist of the promises I made during the campaign, and here I am, halfway through my first term, and we've probably accomplished 70 percent of the things that we said we were going to do -- and by the way, I've got two years left to finish the rest of the list, at minimum."

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4. Remove Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House

Nancy Pelosi has been before the public several times and adamantly denied knowing about waterboarding. Then she said yes her assistant did tell her about waterboarding in 2003. Then she has tried to say that the CIA was lying.

Nancy Pelosi has called President Bush a liar on several occasions. She hasn't proved any of this. Now the CIA, she hasn't proved any of this.

Nancy Pelosi does not deserve to be the Speaker of the House, and third in line to be president.

This petition is to get her out as Speaker.

5. Vote of No-Confidence in Nancy Pelosi

In response to our massive energy crisis, Nancy Pelosi refuses to budge from her blocking of off-shore drilling.

Instead of steering a responsible course towards locating new sources of oil until alternative energy sources can be developed further, she advocates tapping into our strategic oil reserves, a spendthrift measure that steals the future from our children and affords only a very short-term benefit for the present.

Instead of cooperating with the White House to develop a responsible energy policy, she demeans our system with outrageous personal attacks and divisive political maneuvers in an intensity never seen before.

Please vote your lack of confidence in Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi by signing this Petition.