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245 years ago the American people declared its independence from tyranny and paid the ultimate sacrifice to achieve absolute freedom. Today we the people are living under a new tyranny. That of the United States congress. We have allowed certain members of congress to slowly take over our lives and trample our liberties without consequence. Without term limits for house and senate members, we have had members manifest into power hungry bureaucrats whom have become too comfortable in their position and easily manipulate the system.
In recent days, congress agreed to pay the American people a $600 of their own tax dollars back, while funding billions to other countries, their own personal organizations and their own pockets. To simplify the math for you, $600 is HALF the monthly payment of the federal minimum wage. At a time when Americans needed back their money the most, they were blindfolded and taken advantage of by those we have elected for decades.
This is not Republican vs democrats, right vs left, liberal vs conservative. This is our time to fuse together our two parties and ideals in a bipartisan effort to create REAL positive change and demand term limits for house and senate members. We have allowed these bureaucrats to become too powerful. We need consistent change and to elect those who run for these positions to run because they want to make the nation they live in to prosper beyond their own bank accounts, but for the generation that come after them. The time of elected officials whom continue to get richer in a position they were never meant to get rich from to be over. It is time to unite a broken relationship between the American people in an effort to fix a system that has long been broken. Sign this petition to introduce term limits for house and senate.

We, the American people and undersigned, demand term limits for senate and house members in a bipartisan effort to bring positive and consistent change to the legislation of our great nation.

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