rural Osceola, PA area surrounding Pleasant Valley Rd
United States of America

The town areas of Osceola and Elkland, Pennsylvania have access to DSL.

The Elkland and Osceola town areas have access to both DSL and Cable internet access.

It is unfair that the town areas have access to high speed internet service through Verizon and/or broadband access, when the rural areas have access to only slow dial-up.

Verizon has stated that if 13 households in an area that does not have access to DSL signs a petion stating that they would be willing to sign up for a one year contract for DSL through Verizon, then they would use this to speed up the process of connecting this area to the service. The more households that sign up, the faster the service will come to us.

We the people of the rural areas surrounding and included in the borough of Osceola, PA, particularly of the area surrounding Pleasant Valley Rd, petition Verizon Communications to start the process of instating DSL service to our area.

We are willing and interested in signing up for one year of Verizon DSL service if DSL is brought to our area.

We do not have access to Cable or Broadband service and only have dial-up services available, so we are petitioning to receive DSL services as soon as possible.

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