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1. Bring more jobs to Michigan City

All we have here in Michigan City is just store and restaurant jobs and that's it.

What we need in Michigan City are more factories so that people will be better able to support their families.

And these college kids will have to go out of town in order to procure employment opportunities.

We need to procure more industry in this town so our young people attending college will have something to come home to.

And we need to procure better housing and employment opportunities for our most disadvantaged and destitute citizens of our community.

And we also need to obtain better housing and employment opportunities for our elderly and disabled residents as well.

2. Entrepreneurship & Venture Capital Club (EVCC)

The Entrepreneurship & Venture Capital Club (EVCC) is in the process of getting rechartered by the GBA. In order to regain status, we must make sure there is sufficient demand for this club.

The EVCC at Goizueta:

- distinguishes itself by being a platform to further the opportunities of GBS students interested in pursuing careers in venture capital (VC) and in new businesses;

- provides a forum for discussing all aspects of setting up a new business and funding it through VCs;

- represents a wide range of experiences and backgrounds, providing insights into the relevant opportunities available in different industries; and

- focuses on enhancing GBS’s participation in business plan and VC competitions.

3. Revoke New Rules for Overseas Doctors in UK

Update: June 6, 2006

The online petition helped our protest movement a lot and attracted lots of attention. More than 5000 people signed the petition and it was submitted to the Department of Health. We are still awaiting the final result of our protest movement.

March 19, 2006

This petition has been started by Overseas Doctors Working in UK to appeal against the new unjust rules imposed on them by the United Kingdom authorities.

This online petition will be submitted to the Secretary of State for Health by April 15th, 2006 and complements the peaceful protest march scheduled to be held by overseas doctors in London as well as the paper petition being collected by various overseas doctors associations.

Ever since the inception of the National Health Service in UK, Overseas Doctors/ International Medical Graduates (IMGS) have contributed to it by their hard work and dedication. They filled a hard felt need for skilled doctors to provide the British public with quality health care. They came here as they were promised quality training and Equal Opportunities in job selection.

Now, the UK government has introduced new regulations effective from July 2006, which has effectively curtailed all training arrangements for overseas doctors in one go. Instead of Permit Free training, they will be required to have work permit for any post they apply.

Also, employers will have the right to preferentially employ UK/EU graduates in favour of non-EU doctors, irrespective of skills or qualification and irrespective of visa status. This effectively ends the Equal Opportunities policy and favours discrimination.

This policy was announced without any consultation or grace period and has left thousands of IMGs high and dry. While some form of manpower planning was definitely required in view of the job crisis facing junior doctors, the precipitate manner in which this has been done is highly objectionable. The implications are far reaching. These include:

·New doctors who have invested time and money to come to UK, believing the promise of Equal Opportunities find that their career is ruined.

·For those already here, they will have to stop their training here halfway and go out of UK or try for non-training posts, with no career progression.

·Those who are finishing their training will find that all their training and qualifications do not matter in job selection and they will never use their hard earned skills at Consultant level.

This petition is addressed to Rt Hon Patricia Hewitt MP, Secretary of State for Health requesting her to give this matter her urgent attention.

We request Ms. Hewitt to make an urgent solution to the immense disruption to career, personal and family life which overseas doctors are facing as a result of these new rules. Many of these doctors have been working hard in the NHS and serving the British public for several years.

This petition appeals to the good sense of the authorities to :

·Repeal these unjust rules.
·Reintroduce the Equal Opportunities Policy in medical job selection and end discrimination based on country of origin.
·Start a process of consultation for finalising a consensus.

4. Petition in support of Minnesota Mothers and Children

My name is Anne L. Halverson. I am a 21-yr-old mother of a one-year-old son, Aidan. I take motherhood very seriously and I take my employment seriously. In order to be employed and provide the best childcare environment for my son, I rely on a state funded child care subsidy. That means, based on my income, I pay a percentage of my son's child care expenses and the State of Minnesota subsidizes rest.

My son thrives at his day care center, Noah's Ark, in Hopkins, MN. He is cared for by well trained providers who, like me, want him to meet his growth milestones, be happy and well adjusted, understand about sharing, learn about tolerance, and be prepared for kindergarten. My son and I also rely on state subsidized health care. His pediatric clinic monitors his growth, advises me about his medical needs and has helped me become a confident parent. I know how fortunate we are to live in a state that values children by providing these opportunities.

Minnesota's governor, Tim Pawlenty, has proposed a budget that will slash child-care and health care subsidies for single mothers like me and our children. Without the aid of these subsidies, I will be forced to quit my job, surrender my opportunities to advance in the workforce, stay home full time with my child and apply for welfare benefits.

If you believe in and support mothers with young children who want their children in safe, regulated childcare centers; women who are proud to be part of Minnesota's workforce, please sign this petition.

I will present this petition when I speak before a Minnesota Senate Committee that is convening on Tuesday, February 22, at the Minnesota State Capital.

Thank You,
Anne L. Halverson

Please forward this to your friends and family. Thanks.

5. Revolution! Are You In for the Greatest Realization of your life?

Are you in for the Biggest most meaningful Revoultion of your life?I am about to at an indisclosed time,place and identity,to start a major Revolution.If you are a minority,female,poor,outcasted,feel powerless,or are discriminated against in any other way,and want to change the world in a way that none has ever been allowed to even dream or think about,sign this with your E-mail address on the comments area.By the time it's over you WILL see,feel,hear,and even experience this world in a whole new way.Ways that lie on the edge of a new frontier-the frontieron the edge of the present and the threshold of a new beginning,The Future.A Frontier of the unknown.Unknown opportunities and perils,A Threshold of unfulfilled hopes,threats,dreams,goals,and destiny's.This is NOT a Hoax,Joke,Product/Media Propaganda,Or A Government related Operation.It is an Indepedent Individually created operation,who is looking for anyone who is tired of being held down by their government.We are seeking anyone who has skills that will come in useful in the Revolution.(i.e. computer specialists,combat/arms specialists,graphics artist/designers,any one who is open-minded,wants what is rightfully theirs,who is willing to work and fight to take it back from those who hold us back and continually strip our right's from us day by day.)We will rise up and become one victorious,multi-cultural/racial,truly equal right's and opportunities,non-outcasted,non ostracized,strong,independent,world of one race,and that's mankind.The following need NOT sign:Government officials,Radical supremisist groups such as the also targeted K.K.K.,the egotistical,close-minded,grandious attituded,unfaithful,non-loyal,or any other who know's that they are the targeted or who know's that they are a "Weak Link." If the formerly mentioned Qualities fit you or how you feel then feel free to sign and don't forget to include to include your e-mail address or some way excluding snail-mail that I could reach you with detail's."Not only the strong survive." " I feel that the more ears I can speak to,the more eye's I can show the way to,The more heart's I can touch,The more cries I can hear, the more hands I can take hold of and pull out of suffering,The more minds I can teach,then free.Then the more love I can Generate for them and the better I can serve myself,my neighbor,my country, my world, My fellow mankind.-Me"

6. Ban Human Cloning

This petition is to ban all opportunities and possibilities for human cloning. Let fate take its course of nature, as nature intends it to do. As Leon Kass said, "Cloning turns procreation into manufacture."