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All we have here in Michigan City is just store and restaurant jobs and that's it.

What we need in Michigan City are more factories so that people will be better able to support their families.

And these college kids will have to go out of town in order to procure employment opportunities.

We need to procure more industry in this town so our young people attending college will have something to come home to.

And we need to procure better housing and employment opportunities for our most disadvantaged and destitute citizens of our community.

And we also need to obtain better housing and employment opportunities for our elderly and disabled residents as well.

We the undersigned ask Mayor Chuck Oberlie,to procure more employment opportunities to the Michigan City Area.

This includes the manufacturing of an automobile plant and steel manufacturing and other industry brought to the area in order to procure more jobs in this community.

And we also need a food and clothing industry brought to the area so that we can procure job opportunities to the residents that we serve.

We need every type of industry brought to the Michigan City Area so that we can further help this community prosper.

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