#Gender Rights and Issues
United States of America

America is founded on the principles of equality, and sport is a driving change factor in America. Women are being given opportunities to excel in more fields than ever, but there is no legitimate outlet at the collegiate level for women’s football. Pro teams are spouting up, but they have to pull athletes from other sports which diminishes the end product. Women’s sports are on a drastic incline globally which provides for economic growth, high levels of competition and a real opportunity for women to excel in ways never before realized in the athletic arena.

Creating a women’s team also solves the decades old argument of Title IX for male vs female athletic scholarships. This opportunity is great for women’s athletics, men’s athletics, collegiate athletics, professional sports, and the American public at large.

We, the undersigned, call on the NCAA to invest due diligence into the formation of Women’s College Football, promoting equal opportunity for female athletes, and enabling these opportunities to extend to youth sport to enhance collegiate competition and educational opportunities to more American female athletes.

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