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1. Bring back traditional Christmas TINS of sweets

As an 80's child I have fond memories of sharing large tins of Roses and Quality Streets with family and friends. Not only were these tins filled with high quality, chocolate based sweets, wrapped in easisly accessible wrappers; the tins were perfect for storing cakes and other items of interest.

Over the past few years we have seen the introduction of plastic containers which have no aesthetic quality, durablity and are not the right shape or size for storing anything useful.

In addition the we have seen a dramatic cut to the size of the portions of sweets offered.

I appreciate that the cost of production will have risen over the years and smaller portions will also help in the prevention of obesity. However, these special tins of chocolates are sadly no longer special with the reduction in size, tacky plastic, throwaway containers, bland wrappers which are trying to be contemporary and the reduced quality of the actual sweets inside; trying to modernise traditional recipes.

2. Stop Nestle from Coming to Walla Walla Valley, Waitsburg, Washington State

In consideration of the fact that Nestle Waters is a predatory company with no care for the well being of the areas it drains water from, it is distressing that the City of Waitsburg has actively solicited this company to come to our region.

Our valley is the main source of revenue for farmers and their livelihoods depend on a sustainable water supply. Draining the aquifer of what the City proposes is a negligible amount does not take into account the fact that water is a limited resource and once it's gone, it is gone.

Also of note is that Nestle Waters does not share their data of what amounts are actually being removed from the source. There is no way of knowing how much they actually will withdraw once they are established.

Nestle Waters has a sordid history of dishonest business practices and the community members who have signed this petition do not have confidence in the good will of the company.

Any simple research of the practices of company show a long history of abuse and of other regions fighting the company from coming in and destroying their environment and habitat.

This will impact not only Waitsburg, but the entire Walla Walla Valley. Walla Walla means Land of Many Waters. We have an active watershed ecology program here and we mean to protect our valley and the sinuosity of our waters. It belongs to all of us. The City doesn't have the authority to decide something that impacts the entire region.

Those who sign this petition will work tirelessly to stop any action the City takes to proceed with the process of approval of the Nestle Water plant from coming into our region.

3. Distribute Nestlé Toll House Morsels in Switzerland

Nestlé Toll House Real Semi-Sweet Chocolate Morsels were introduced to the US in 1939 based on consumer demand for chips. Now, the most popular cookie of all time simply isn't a 'Chocolate Chip Cookie' without Nestlé.

It is known among the American community in Switzerland that many people carry Nestlé Toll House Morsels into the country. I ask, "Why should we, as consumers, import this popular baking item into the home of the company who makes it?"

4. Say No To Un-Sustainable Use Of Palm Oil

Palm oil is a major contributor to global warming. Rain forests are being destroyed by either being burnt or logged to make way for Palm oil crops.

Over 1/2 of the world animal species live in these rain forests. Their homes are getting destroyed and they are DYING all because of this. Companies such as Arnotts, Nestle, Kelloggs and the body shop need to stop using Palm oil or get their Palm oil form a sustainable source.

5. Bring back the NESTLE SECRET BAR

Do you remember the secret bar? If so would you like the bar back for sale in the shops and not just as a limited stock but permanently?

Secret was a chocolate bar that was manufactured by Rowntree (now part of Nestle) in the 1980s and 90s. It consisted of a bird's nest-styled chocolate coating with a creamy mousse centre similar to the filling of a Walnut Whip. It was packaged in a white protective card sleeve and was encased a gold-coloured wrapper with the product's name printed on it in purple.

A television advert for the product, first shown in 1990, featured an elegant lady sat on a train eating a Secret bar "in secret", accompanied by the song Have You Seen Her by the Chi-Lites. The product was discontinued a couple of years later, due to high production costs and low volume of sales.

If so then please feel free to sign this petition, once the target of 1,000 has been reached then this petition will be forwarded to Nestle.


Nestle Secret Bars were delicious bars of moussey marshmallow covered in wispy strands of delumptious chocolate.

The sale of Secrets was withdrawn due to high production costs and relatively poor sales. I believe that they should be given another chance to shine.

7. Stop the Body Shop Sell Out

March 22, 2006

The Body Shop, set up by Anita Roddick, is famous for it's ethical approach to trading, however in March 2006, L'Oreal (who are part owned by Nestle) decided to enter into take-over talks with the Body Shop.

Nestle are the world's most boycotted company, because of their aggressive tactics when marketing Baby Milk in the developing world.

8. Bring back Cremola Foam

Who remembers "Cremola foam" power stuff u used to put in water n it fizzed up???

Well sign this n we will send it to nestle to see if they will reproduce it!!!

9. Save the Smarties Tube

Childhood may never be quite the same again - the maker of Smarties has announced it is to ditch the colourful chocolates' tube-shaped packet.
Nestle Rowntree is to replace the beloved 68-year-old cylindrical design with a hexagonal or six-sided pack.

The removable plastic lid on the current design will also go in favour of a cardboard flip-top.

Nestle Rowntree said the revamp was needed to ensure the brand remained "fresh and interesting" to youngsters.

(The above is from the BBC website).

Neil Ducray is talking arrant nonsense and this should be stopped - lets do to Nestle Rowantree what happened to 'New' Coke!

Bring back the Tube!


The Tubists.


Nestlé holds about 50% of the world's breast milk substitute market and is being boycotted for continued breaches of the 1981 WHO (World Health Organisation) Code regulating the marketing of breast milk substitutes. Nestlé encourages bottle feeding primarily by either giving away free samples of baby milk to hospitals, or neglecting to collect payments. It has been criticised for misinforming mothers and health workers in promotional literature. Nestlé implies that malnourished mothers, and mothers of twins and premature babies are unable to breastfeed, despite health organisations claims that there is no evidence to support this.

Evidence of direct advertising to mothers has been found in over twenty countries such as South Africa and Thailand. Instructions and health warnings on packaging are often either absent, not prominently displayed or in an inappropriate language. All of these actions directly contravene the Code regulating the marketing of baby milk formulas.

Over 3000 infants die every day from baby bottle disease (WHO), and formula dependant babies create massive economic strain on poor families, contributing to unsustainable land use.

Thanks to this site for the info:

11. Enforce the Who Code- Stop Nestle from killing babies

Nestle and other formula companies continue to to break the Who code putting the world's children in danger. 1.5 million infants are killed by unsafe formula feeding every year. Send a message that this is unacceptable. Human milk for human babies.