Neil Ducray, director of marketing at Nestle Rowntree

Childhood may never be quite the same again - the maker of Smarties has announced it is to ditch the colourful chocolates' tube-shaped packet.
Nestle Rowntree is to replace the beloved 68-year-old cylindrical design with a hexagonal or six-sided pack.

The removable plastic lid on the current design will also go in favour of a cardboard flip-top.

Nestle Rowntree said the revamp was needed to ensure the brand remained "fresh and interesting" to youngsters.

(The above is from the BBC website).

Neil Ducray is talking arrant nonsense and this should be stopped - lets do to Nestle Rowantree what happened to 'New' Coke!

Bring back the Tube!


The Tubists.

We, the people who buy and love Smarties, say no to your changing the tube!

Changing the design does not make the brand 'fresh' 'more interesting' or 'exciting'.

It just loses the smarties magic.

Listen to us.

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