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Do you remember the secret bar? If so would you like the bar back for sale in the shops and not just as a limited stock but permanently?

Secret was a chocolate bar that was manufactured by Rowntree (now part of Nestle) in the 1980s and 90s. It consisted of a bird's nest-styled chocolate coating with a creamy mousse centre similar to the filling of a Walnut Whip. It was packaged in a white protective card sleeve and was encased a gold-coloured wrapper with the product's name printed on it in purple.

A television advert for the product, first shown in 1990, featured an elegant lady sat on a train eating a Secret bar "in secret", accompanied by the song Have You Seen Her by the Chi-Lites. The product was discontinued a couple of years later, due to high production costs and low volume of sales.

If so then please feel free to sign this petition, once the target of 1,000 has been reached then this petition will be forwarded to Nestle.

We, the undersigned, ask NESTLE to bring back the much delighted SECRET BAR with immediate effect and to have it back on sale permanently within the UK.

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