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1. Multiple save files in Ratchet and Clank PS4

The ps4 reeboot of Ratchet and Clank is everything a Ratchet and Clank fan could ask for except for those sharing a PS4 or in particular Speedrunners, therefore we ask Insomniac to change this for good.

2. Give Nathan Duszynski a job for his family

Today is a sad day for the city of Holland, Michigan, particularly for one resident who was trying to help out his family survive. That family-dedicated resident is none other than 13-year-old Nathan Duszynski.

The reason why this petition was made for him is because he and his family are in a shelter after being denied from selling hot dogs from a mobile stand. You see, Nathan was trying to help his family to survive in Holland, Michigan because his mother and father are disabled. He signed up for his own food cart to earn some money. But the moment he started to sell at a local sporting goods store, City Hall shut it down. Now they have two different homes to cope with the parents' different disabilities.

The point is they shut him down because he was not connected to any business, but it was still unfair for him and his family. So, this petition is a rallying cry for signers, not just from Holland, Michigan, but from the entire United States and the world as a whole, to support him in on of these ways:

a) Convince at least one of the brick and mortar businesses to train him for a job within their premises.

b) Start a Kickstarter fundraiser for Nathan Duszynski to help him train to be a businessman and run a great business.

c) Convince City Hall to let him sell his hot dogs in a store and even hire others in hot dogs carts to spread the goods.

If everyone helps out Nathan to earn money legally, we will be a better world of people for all to see.

You can see the story at:

For Kickstarter, go to

Thank you for supporting Nathan Duszynski!

3. MLXChange on a MAC/iPad and multiple browsers

MLXChange is a web based program that Realtors use to search listing, send emails to clients, create comparative market analysis and many other functions to do with real estate. The main problem with this is that it only works on Internet explorer. With the computing world evolving daily, having a major work function limited to one browser isn't feasible any more.

Realtors need portability and with the invention of the iPad, a browser platform that only works on PC's is keeping Realtors in the 90's.

4. Podržite CCSVI istraživanje u Bosni i Hercegovini

Istraživanje koje je proveo prof. Paolo Zamboni vaskularni kirurg, sa Sveučilišta Ferrara u Italiji pokazalo je novo svjetlo na noćnu moru bolesti multiple skleroze(MS-a), desetljećima se vjerovalo da je MS autoimuna bolest, ali prof. Zamboni je dokazao važnu povezanos između MS-a i vaskularnog poremećaja. Testirano je stotine MS bolesnika i kod velike većine se pokazalo da imaju malformacije velikih vena vrata i trupa tj. kako je prof. Zamboni definirao CCSVI(kronično cerebrospinalna venska insuficijencija). Tretiranje CCSVI-a kod MS pacijenata ima izrazito blagotvorno djelovanje na tijek bolesti u smislu zaustavljanja napretka bolesti pa čak i na poboljšanje općeg stanja oboljelog.

Pomozimo jedni drugima da ovo veliko otkriće zaživi i na našim klinikama, te da žive normalnim životima. se Teorija prof. Zambonija ima potencijal trajno poboljšati život oboljelih od MS-a, a možda i izliječiti.

5. We Want The MS Society To Use Our Money To Fund CCSVI Research

I am confident that this could be a revolution for the research and diagnosis of multiple sclerosis ”— Dr. Paolo Zamboni.

If there is a possiblity that MS can be cured this procedure should be looked into. This experimental surgery Dr. Zamboni performed on his wife offers hope that MS, which afflicts 2.5 million people worldwide, can be cured and even largely prevented.

6. Ignite Low Level Psilocybin Research in the United States

There are a plethora of mental and physical disorders that effect millions of americans today that could possibly be solved, if we only push research in the direction of one drug; Psilocybin. Forgetting the connotation of drug culture and hippies, Psilocybin has many redeeming qualities, if taken in moderate doses.

Some of the problems that this drug shows promise of curing are: Depression, Multiple Sclerosis, High Blood Pressure, Chronic Migraines, and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, not to mention the things we may discover on the way. In the '60's, there was research done with Psilocybin, but it was done almost exclusively in high-doses. Low-level therapy with the drug may yield better results than previous research.

7. Make Native Title Data Available

WA mining companies are concerned at the time consuming task of accessing up to date information on the progress of tenement applications through the Native Title processes from the Department of Industry and Resources.

Currently tenement managers have to resort to regularly phoning the Department with Native Title queries creating ongoing and inefficient demands on the department and its resources.

They also have to wait sometimes for months for tenement applications to be advertised before they can take any action necessary. It is also extremely time-consuming to collate and update this information across multiple tenement applications.

As such, it would be extremely beneficial to tenement managers and the department to have a system in place that could answer native title queries across multiple tenements in a form easily integrated with in-house databases.

This would improve the overall consistency, time and transparency with which Native Title data can be accessed and used effectively.

8. Nintendo: Zelda MMORPG

This petition is for a Legend of Zelda MMORPG from Nintendo.

A Zelda MMORPG would be an amazing thing and a good use of Nintendos wifi network and emerging online status.

Link's world has been explored extensively over the past several years which provides immense amounts of gaming possibilities.

It would be nice to see integration of systems other than the Nintendo Wii, such as the DS for those on the go away from home. More importantly, a PC version that would integrate with a Wii version online would capture much more market and would be preferable. (I would personally opt for a Wii/PC release like Final Fantasy XI did, being the PC gamer I am, though I still plan on buying a Wii soon)

Again, if it were to be a Wii only title, that would be enough.

(Though, if it were not a Legend of Zelda MMO, a mix of multiple nintendo worlds in an MMORPG would be more versatile than a single game world structure such as pokemon or zelda alone.)

Sign this petition to let Nintendo know that we want a Legend of Zelda MMORPG.

9. Get Fiddy Into HOF

sign this to get fiddy into the hof he got shot multiple times and lived mang!!!!!1

10. American Idol Voting Fairness

American Idol voting seems to be skewed unfairly due to finalists' friends and family voting multiple times,not allowing others to get the votes in for who the real preferences are.

11. Faux pas at backdoor

If you think its time to see Faux pas at the backdoor you should sign this petition. Many bands have played there multiple times & if you are sick of waiting and will actually come out and see faux pas play at the backdoor if given the chance , please sign this petition. Feel free to comment ...

12. Students against the George Washington University (GW) Increasing Tuition

"[Is there] going to be a raise? Do lions eat meat?" Stephen Joel Trachtenberg

Petition against The George Washington University (GW) increasing tuition.

It's time to take a stand. On February 24, 2003, the GW Hatchet announced a tuition increase will be voted on by the Board of Trustees this Friday. This comes on the heels of last year's 4.9% rise in tuition. The administration's nonchalant attitude towards tuition hikes is unacceptable. However, until we, the students of GW, make our displeasure known this is the kind of treatment we can expect. Join a mass assembly of students as we make a public demonstration of our opposition to the economical burdens being put on us by the administration's lack of fiscal prudence. We ask the administration to re-examine a budget which includes multiple costly expansionist projects and extravagant spending on programs like Colonial Inauguration (CI) and Parent's Weekend before they choose to further increase our tuition.

On Wednesday, February 26, 2003, we will protest in Kogan Plaza and J Street. Please participate and take a stand by signing this petition.

13. Hear Our Voices: FMS, CFS, CFIDS, CMPS, MCS

For those of us who live with these invisible illnesses (Fibromyalgia Syndrome, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Chronic Fatigue and Immune Dysfunction Syndrome, Chronic Myofascial Pain and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity) this Petition is for you.

It is our hope that together we can make a difference in the education of the medical personnel; not only that these illnesses will be required teaching in their schools but also that courses are made available for current physicians and nurses in their Continued Education Requirements.

The medical community needs to know what these illnesses are, to realize they are very real and not just waste basket diagnoses or all in our heads. It's time for us to step up to the plate and demand that our voices be heard.