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The Producers and Judges of American Idol, Fox Television Network
United States of America

American Idol voting seems to be skewed unfairly due to finalists' friends and family voting multiple times,not allowing others to get the votes in for who the real preferences are.

The results show of March 31, 2004 was a disaster. It placed 3 talented finalists in the bottom 3 and left 3 horrible finalists safe. People are apparently voting multiple times using many phones, thus flooding the lines and skewing the vote. These votes are not for talent, apparently, they're for being from the same hometown or being 'cute'. While real talent is thrown off because votes cannot be placed. If only one vote per phone/household is allowed it would make the voting much more fair. After last night's ridiculous outcome, viewers are sensing that the votes are being tampered with. Even John Stevens and Camille knew that they didn't belong safe while LaToya, Jennifer, and Amy three of the most talented finalists were in the bottom three. If the votes aren't being tampered with, then one vote per household is the remedy.

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