Roy Burton, Director, Mineral and Title Services Division DOIR

WA mining companies are concerned at the time consuming task of accessing up to date information on the progress of tenement applications through the Native Title processes from the Department of Industry and Resources.

Currently tenement managers have to resort to regularly phoning the Department with Native Title queries creating ongoing and inefficient demands on the department and its resources.

They also have to wait sometimes for months for tenement applications to be advertised before they can take any action necessary. It is also extremely time-consuming to collate and update this information across multiple tenement applications.

As such, it would be extremely beneficial to tenement managers and the department to have a system in place that could answer native title queries across multiple tenements in a form easily integrated with in-house databases.

This would improve the overall consistency, time and transparency with which Native Title data can be accessed and used effectively.

We, the undersigned, petition the Western Australian Department of Industry and Resources to provide a public mechanism by which interested parties can get information on the status of tenement applications through the Native Title process in a way that is consistent and efficient, for the purpose of integration with, and checking of in house tenement databases.

We understand that there are plans for such a mechanism, integrated with Mineral Titles Online, currently scheduled for release at the end of 2008, but we request that data be made available sooner as an interim measure.

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