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1. Bring Back Turkey Twizzlers

Look, they were amazing, you know it, I know It, they all know it.

I think having them taken away like that is the reason I've failed at so many things.

I'm dying. Give me twisted turkey from the 90's you Toilet.

My ex hits me all the time and that's why. If I pretend I have a rare illness do you think I'll get what I Want?

2. We don't "like" your treatment of roleplayers

On FaceBook, there are perfectly lovable accounts made by nerdy people, and they're accounts made for roleplaying as one's favorite character from whatever movie or TV show that they are most nerdy about.

Supporters of these accounts (aka those who have such an account and/or hold at least one dear on their "friends" list) lovingly refer to them as "roleplayers", "FaceBook roleplayers", "RP's", or "FBRP's". But in the eyes of those against these accounts (tattletales and FB itself), we/they should be counted as "fake accounts".

I am a supporter, and I belong in the "and" section. I have a separate account as Jessie from the Toy Story series, and I hold many roleplayers on both of my "friends" list very, very dear to my heart. Recently, someone threatened to report and ban my favorite roleplayer of Timon from the The Lion King series, and I was absolutely heartbroken. This wouldn't have been the first time one of my roleplayer friends had been permanently force-deleted, either.

I know that there are some people who hide behind anonymity to do truly terrible things to others, but I think that there should be true proof that that's what someone's doing before they ban somebody. One example would be a screenshot that can be proved to be 100% unedited.

UPDATE: The photo you see as the petition photo was the exact photo that was the profile picture of the Timon roleplayer I mentioned. I cannot currently message him, see his wall, or see his profile picture, as he temporarily deleted his account by choice in response to the threats. He's back on, but I still don't have the ability to talk to him. I really am heartbroken about that.

3. Bring ADTR, ATL, WATIC & YMAS to thr United Arab Emirates!

Please sign this petition to bring A Day To Remember, All Time Low, We Are The In Crowd and You Me At Six to Dubai!

If you are a fan or if you just like their music, please do sign this petition.

A Day To Remember:

All Time Low:

We Are The In Crowd:

You Me At Six:

4. Support the use of Alternative/Unconventional medicine. T.H.C The Cure For Cancer

I would like to refer you to numerous studies (since 1974!) that show that cannabinoids kills cancer cells, shrink tumors, halts the spread of invasive carcinomas, and prevents occurrence; cannabinoids signal the cancer to go into apoptosis which is “programmed cell death” after Ceramide begins production.

-university of VA -THC causes kills leukaemia cells;
-University of Texas study showing the CB1 receptor (which is activated by cannabis) suppresses colorectal cancer tumor, when the CB-1 receptor is lost cancer can occur;
-Univ of Southern Florida study showing that cannabis blocks cancer causing viruses;
-Harvard study showing cannabis cuts lung cancer growth in half;
-The British Journal of Cancer reports that cannabis treats prostate cancer;
-Pacific Medical Center Research Institute found that cannabis halts breast cancer.

5. cinselsiddetlemucadele

Cinsel Şiddete Karşı Kadın Platformu, kadınlara yönelik cinsel şiddetle mücadele etmek amacıyla, Türkiye’nin her bölgesinden kadın örgütleri ile sivil toplum ve sendikal mücadelede yer alan kadınlar ile bağımsız kadınların birleşmesiyle, 2008 yılında kurulmuş bir platformdur.

6. To make 'I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here' producers stop using live animals for entertainment purposes

Since 2002 the makers of ITV's I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here have been using live animals in bush tucker trials. Many are bred for the purpose of the show and then are kept in captivity until they are needed for the trials. They are then put into unnatural situations where they become stressed, injured and many die as a result of being eaten, trodden on, drowned etc.

The results from this petition will be sent to ITV, Granada and Ofcom as a complaint so please pass on the information.

Many people have complained in the past but nothing has ever been done to stop it.

Please read link here from the Sun newspaper, dated Nov 24th 2009 which says that a new show entitled 'The Door' will be on prime time Tv and will feature bush tucker trials similar to those used on Im a Celebrity, it will be made by the same producers

7. We All Want Old Piczo Back

Check Out, It used to be so easy. Now it sucks. BACK ME UP PEEPZ!

8. Get You Me At Six to cover 'Lose Yourself' by Eminem

Over the years they've been together, You Me At Six (everyone's favourite Surrey pop-punk band) have done some fantastic covers, most noteably Fall Out Boy's 'Sugar We're Going Down' and a hilarious version of 'Poker Face' by Lady Gaga.

However, we think that to really push themselves to the limits and show off their talent, they should attempt to cover the song 'Lose Yourself' by Eminem. It is, of course, a rap song, and we think that it would be fantastic to hear their take on it.

Anyone who has never heard the song before can listen to it at

It would, you cannot deny, be hilarious even if they failed miserably. And, if you're unsure as to whether or not this is a good idea, just imagine them attempting to do gangster dancing. If that doesn't convince you, nothing will.

I'd like to point out that this isn't a mickey take - we honestly are fans of the band, and we'd really like to hear them do this. It's not just so that we can laugh at them or be mean about it.

Please take five minutes of your time to sign this for us. Even if you don't like the band, it would make us all wonderfully happy. Thanks.

9. Child Discipline

Greetings! Atlanta, GA The House of Prayer Rev. Arthur Allen, Jr.
Our pastor has been arrested along with members of our church for upholding the word of God. Proverbs 13:24, 24:13-14 specifically command Christians to discipline our children in ways that they will learn the differences between right and wrong. Because of the proposed government (worldly) ways of disciplining our children, we feel that our society has deteriorated. This is because our government has decided that we no longer need God in government!

10. Make Bio-testing of all products law

Make Bio-testing (non-invasive, using state of the art technology) of all products used in and around our bodies, plants and animals absolutely compulsory. This would avoid the catastrophic consequences to humans, animals and plants of the widespread contamination by chemical,radiation, oil/petroleum, nuclear, pharmaceutical and biological agents.


There needs to be a new standard of BIO-SAFETY which simply means that anything that interferes with our oxygen uptake, heartrate, brainwaves, pulse and bio-meridian electric field and causes loss of capacity or downgrading of any of the above, should not be able to be sold without a rating of safety from 1 to 10, with 10 being the safest to all major body functions. The same should apply to animals, and plants, which can be tested for slowing of sap flow and lack of capillary response, just like human & animal blood flow, cortisol etc. Thermal imaging, simple medical instruments can be used to test this on an instant response basis. We DON'T need a five year, fund sucking 'scientific' study on safety to give us all the damaging exposures that have been sanctioned by these elitists, who have said 'this is totally afe', or 'this is safe enough to pass'. We all pay the price for their arrogant lack of care - why aren't their safe chemicals tested on scientist guinea pigs, diluted of course, just like our drinking water containing poisons, and ag. runoffs which are classed as safe. Remember that NUCLEAR pollution was pronounced totally safe by the American Academy of Science in the 1940's, and tobacco, and DDT, and Thalidomide, and thousands of others. We now have BSE because nobody bothered to bio-test animals for their body and systemic reaction to being fed manure mixed with chemicals and body parts of other (even diseased) species. Nature never ever sinned against any species in history, equal to the damage caused 'scientifically qualified' humans. DEMAND PROOF OF DYNAMIC BIO-SAFETY, NOT FIVE YEAR FARCES. Our planet deserves it and so do we.