#Human Rights
Mc Donalds, KFC, Hungry Jacks/burger king All Take away shops


Nowhere in any of these major takeaway shops is there a section for Vegetarian meals!

How hard do you find it as a vegetarian adolescent or adult going out with your friends to the shops then stopping at a takeaway shop on the way home to get food and knowing you wont get any because there isn't any guaranteed vegetarian meals.

It is sick how a paying customer will ask for a meatless burger and know that they will get laughed at behind there back by the staff.

It takes courage to get up and go " may i please have one cheese burger with no Patti" and have a guaranteed of at least two times hearing people laugh and at least once be given an actual meat burger.

We should have to ask for things without meat on them they should just make some vegetarian selections as well not just to benefit us but them too as more customers are guaranteed to go to them if they know that they have a 100% meat free food.

So we should take a stand and charge for whats right and that's our comfortability in public domains!

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