#Human Rights
Liverpool McDonald's

Everything you need to know was already mentioned on the video and further elaborated on in the articles/videos that were linked to in the description. Please watch it if you already haven't:

To watch at YouTube use this address: http://www.youtube.com/v/8vqKghNcDF0

Here are some additional Quotes from Paul himself (from a 1992 article), asserting his beliefs in relation to his life-changing decision to become a Vegetarian:

"You want your chicken pre-packed and clean; women do not want to stuff their hands up into a chicken and pull out the giblets. People try to hide the fact that they are actually eating something that had a face and a heart, something that had a soul."

-Paul McCartney

"And that's another tradition; in most of the books you read it holds that animals don't have souls - that's something I don't agree with. I think it's so pompous of mankind to pronounce that. What? Has somebody got inside an animal's head and found out?"

-Paul McCartney

••••••••••••Consequences upon McDonald's failure to respond••••••••••••

-Your business will suffer of course. Beatle fans will either stop buying your meat products or stop buying from you altogether.

More information:

•What's the aim?
-However many signatures we could get. The smaller the exposure, the fewer signatures we'll have. Don't let this be the sole testament to how many people would actually support this.

•What happens afterwards?
-Once there are enough signatures to make an impact, I will send this petition to Paul's official website or other sources that will be able to make proper use of it. Thank you :)

We, the Fans of Paul McCartney, a Passionate long-time Advocate of Vegetarianism, call for the McDonald's restauraunt in Liverpool, England to kindly take down the Portraits of Paul and his Bandmates from inside their shop.

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