All law abiding citizens of the U.S.A.
United States of America

In America crime rates continue to rise. Recently in Springfield, Ma. 13-15 persons were arrested after over a years worth of intensive undercover work. The arrests were for infractions such as illegal weapons and ammunition, illegal Drug sales, gang membership and other violations.

At the time of their arrests it was noted that this group had 0ver 543 previous brush ins with the law between them. Many offenses were actually plea bargained down by defense attorneys and sub standard district attorneys as well as excessively lenient judges.

We, the undersigned, call on the Attorney General of Massachusetts as well as the Hampden County district attorney to stop the practice of plea bargaining to reduce court time and lead to little or no punishment for career criminals. Career criminals being those persons who have appeared before the courts more than twice for any illegal offense other than parking violations.

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