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1. Lighting for Torquay Skate Bowl (Djila Tjarri Park)

Djila Tjarri skatepark is one of the most impressive bowls in Australia. Currently, the bowl is activated during daylight hours, and has become a sporting destination for the local and regional community. The skatepark has National awareness, and has drawn the attention of high-profile skateboarders both domestically and internationally. In summer, the hours of usability are extended, due to increased hours of daylight. During Winter, the hours are diminished, and although the football and cricket ovals have lighting to allow usage during these hours, the skate park does not. We would like the council to install lighting on a timed loop to activate the skate park during those dark hours and increase activity at the park.

2. Illuminate the Columbus, IN People Trails

Columbus currently boasts over 27 miles of trails, sidewalks, and roadways designated as being part of the people trail system. This impressive collection of pathways has contributed to the promotion of a more active community with a focus on creating high quality lifestyle accommodations. However, as the people trails grow in popularity, they are seeing a growing shift in their purpose from recreation to transportation. More than ever before, the Columbus community is opting to walk or bike to their destinations rather than driving. Positive as this changeover is for the economic and physical health of the community as a whole, we are now encountering a major problem that was never before considered—the 27 miles of people trail are unlit, and the hazards of the dark are widespread.
We seek to increase trail safety and encourage greater community use and appreciation for the services the people trails offer by implementing means of providing illumination for the trails. This illumination may come in the form of low profile street-lights, solar powered lights, reflective stripping, or lighter-colored materials used in pavement.
Following the same trend of safety, we hope to install emergency phones, as often seen on college campuses, at critical locations across the trail so as to give users quick access to emergency services should they be required. In this way, we hope to not only promote a healthier community by encouraging safer recreational people trail use but also provide support to those who utilize the people trail system as their primary transportation.
We are proposing the Columbus City Council and Columbus Parks Foundation take notice of “The People Trail Project,” and consider adopting this illumination effort to promote a healthier community for generations to come.

3. Fight 4 your lights!

'Fight 4 your lights' is a cause which will be looking to get support from members of the public.

As you may be aware a decision has been made to turn off our street-lights at midnight. This is a danger to the community and the council should be looking for greener and safer alternatives.

4. Safety at Eichkamp (Sicherheit am Eichkamp)

A MUGGING and ATTEMPTED RAPE on a STUDENT took place in the Frauenburger Pfad on Saturday 26th October 2013 at 2:20 am.

For those of you who do not know- this is the path you take into Eichkamp on your way home from Heerstrasse S-Bahn Station.

Sonntag, den 26.10,13 gegen 2:30 Uhr fand am Frauenburger Pfad eine VERSUCHTE RÄUBERISCHE VERGEWALTIGUNG einer STUDENTIN statt.

Für die unter euch, die es nicht wissen, das ist der Pfad, den man auf dem Weg von der S-Bahn Station Heerstrasse nach Hause gehen muss.

Wir, die Unterzeichner, fordern das Bezirksamt Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf dazu auf, entlang dem Frauenburger Pfad STRASSENLATERNEN zu installieren.

5. Petition To Switch Street Lights Back On

This petition is to ask the Government to Turn Street Lights Back On!

[1] – Situation
I am petitioning to ask the Government to get Street Lights turned back on because I feel that by turning them off in certain areas will have a negative impact on Crime Prevention, Well-being of Vulnerable People and the safety of Residential Areas. I feel that should Street Lights not be turned back on there will be a rise in Crime, which will impact on the Residential Areas. Therefore, causing risks to the Safety and Well-being of Public and the Local Residents.

[2] – Suggestions
I feel that the Government needs to analyse information on whether or not they are turning off lights in areas which could pose a Higher Threat to Vulnerable People. The Government should also take into account the layout of the Street Lighting and form a Risk Assessment on whether or not there is still adequate Street Lighting in that area for the Public and Residents who live there. Furthermore, the Government needs to think about consulting with its Constituencies as after all this would aid Community Cohesion which would be a Big Help! To David Cameron's 'Big Society'. Surely by just turning them off without notice on the community is damaging to the idea of 'Big Society', which is supposed to be all in favour of Local Communities coming together and having a say in what they want to happen in their town.

[3] – Why should these suggestions be taken into consideration?
These considerations should be taken into consideration because without adequate Street Lighting it will have problematic affects in these key areas;
Crime – This will mean more work for the Police Force, which will then mean that more money is spent on Policing the streets instead of it being used for the regeneration of towns, thus meaning it will have an impact on a towns Historical Aspects.
Public Safety – With the rise in threats on crime, this would then impact on Public Safety and Local Residents within each area. Therefore affect the emotional well-being of the Public going out at night, which would then affect the emotional well-being of vulnerable people. Moreover, with the rising threats in Terrorism as such this would pose an even Higher Risk to Public Safety and Local Residents.

6. Install Lights and CCTV in Seaton Park, Aberdeen

This petition aims to persuade Aberdeen City Council to install sufficient and adequate lighting into Seaton Park. Along with proper lighting, security is a major issue and that is why this also calls for the installation of CCTV camera's in the park.

This is the main thoroughfare for students crossing between campus and Hillhead Halls of Residence so it should have the best facilities to ensure the safety of all students and the general public living around the area.

Please back the campaign!

7. VBH ELO-NO!!!

The Village of Barrington Hills is seeking to enact an Exterior Lighting Ordinance that will significantly restrict resident's rights to choose how they illuminate their homes, driveways and landscapes.

The Ordinance was drafted at the request of the Village Board by the Plan Commission, and is now being considered by the ZBA for approval and subsequent forwarding to the Board.

Most in the village believe the Ordinance is too restrictive. Anything from a simple, single floodlight to the wattage of the lighting at one's doorway would be regulated with fines imposed for non-compliance regardless if you live on one or one hundred acres.

We believe this is wrong, and hope that you agree with your petition signature.

8. Streetlights for South J st between 50th and 51st

Our street (J street) is very dark between 50th and 51st streets with only one or 2 lights. There has been one car stolen and on the eve of the 29th of August our truck while parked was rearended. The dark streets are a welcome mat for crime and the unwanted, Not to mention just an all around safety hazard for all in the neighbourhood.

9. Improve Park Safety in Willow Hill Community

Willow Hill Community needs to have more street lights because of children playing after dark and there have also been numerous thefts of property and break-ins of homes.

The lack of lighting in certain areas needs to be addressed not only for residents' safety but also for personal property.

10. Vale of Ah Dog Park Lights

Vale of Ah Dog park is used extensively by residents that fall within the Bankstown City Council's region. The park provides a place for residents to exercise their dogs in a safe and responsible manner.

Due to the cessation of daylight savings and the absence of lighting at the park, residents' usage of the park is extremely limited.

11. Road Safety and more lighting in the Friary community

We the undersigned would like there to be traffic control signs in place at the entrance to Frairy Park Estate, as there are big lorries that use the entrance to reverse into, this has become increasingly worrying for many residents as they have young children playing in this blind spot area.

We would also like to have more lighting erected on the Frairy Park Estate.

12. Improved Street Lighting - Primrose Estate - Ecclesfield - Sheffield

The Primrose Estate in Ecclesfield, Sheffield, South Yorkshire is an estate where the people have been forgotten. The people who live there work hard to earn a living, they pay their taxes and look after the area where they live.

Unfortunately this means that they are often overlooked when it comes to local authority resources. Sadly,the area is now falling victim to criminal activity.

One of the reasons that this is happening is because the street lighting installations are approaching 50 years old. The lamps fail to offer adequate lighting and allow criminals to damage vehicles and other property at will, without any fear of detection.

The people of the Primrose estate demand that their collective voice be heard.

We demand that our taxes be used to fund something that not only benefits us, but is NEEDED by us.

We demand that the street lighting is replaced, AND REPLACED NOW.

13. Lighting for the alley running parallel to Maindy Road

In the last week there have been three muggings on the alley way running parallel to Maindy Road up to the gate of Cambrian Point, leading out onto North Road. Two of these have involved personal violence.

The alley-way in question at night is virtually pitch black and it is hard to see where you are going, let alone see if there are people around.

The residents of Maindy road have also suffered from a spate of burglaries.

14. Lighting the Stadium Field at Darien High School

DHS Lights Information Committe:

The DHS Lights Information Committee is providing the facts about plans currently
under consideration by the Board of Education to place lights on the Stadium Field at Darien High School.

15. Street Lights in Restricted Areas of Sai Kung Country Park

A request for lights at village entrances, originally by members of the Rural Committee of Sai Kung North to the Tai Po District office, turned into a $.8M Highways Department (HyD) project involving a row of 80 lights all the way along Pak Tam Road from Lady Maclehose Village (LMV) to Uk Tau.

The land along the road is uninhabited between LMV and Pak Tam Au and frequented only by hikers who (presumably) are in the Country Park at night to enjoy an unrestricted view of the night sky and the opportunity to see the wildlife that make their home in the park.

HyD received approval for the project in late 2005 and began mounting lighting standards along the paved sidewalks stopping when they had completed about 1/3 of the standards when a group of concerned residents waved a red flag.

Arguments put forward for the lights by the Highways Department included many that have been refuted:

1. HyD states that Kadoorie Farm experts said lights posed little concern for the wildlife
• Kadoorie statement: “We have not been asked to survey and report…we suggested that (HyD) carry out its own studies….we have provided the dept with some scientific references …these studies show street lights…have a significant negative impact upon some species.”

2. HyD cited need for lighting to improve road safety
• 3 traffic accidents in evening hrs over last 7 years.
• Avg # cars/evening hrs is 5
• Literature review shows that, in rural areas, lights do not improve safety on country roads (full beams on unlit road more effective)

3. HyD says fatal motorcycle accident occurred at night (HyD cited newspaper source)
• Accident happened in daylight (Police source)

4. HyD cited need for safety of pedestrians
• 12 incidents of crime during evening hours in past 6 years
• All but one were at village entrances (not on uninhabited stretch)

Following 3 meetings with the residents, the HyD is standing firm. Although admitting that their expertise is in urban rather than rural lighting they insist that the additional lights are needed.

They have; however, suggested a new plan:
1. To downgrade the existing & new lights from 150w to 100w
2. To use full cut-off lanterns
3. To lower the lantern mounting height to 8 m
4. To reduce the lighting levels by 50% after 10pm

The above would entail an additional $.4M capital cost but it would reduce overall energy consumption from 78,000 kWh to 61,600 kWh

Residents applaud these as sensible approaches to reduce the existing lighting at village entrances; but are strongly opposed to any additional form of lighting in the uninhabited areas of the park.

As Andy Brown, Executive Director of Kadoorie Farm & Botanic Garden so aptly put it: “From a purely sustainable living perspective, it is better for (HyD) to resist the temptation to add more and more lights to our city. It is better to do nothing and save the money, electricity and effort and leave the rest of nature to carry on without further human disturbance.”

“We would like to see the HyD developing a grand plan to remove lighting, rather than add lighting, so that less climate-changing fossil fuels are burnt in keeping them lit.”

16. Street Lights Village of Runyon Springs

The Residents of the Village of Runyon Springs are concerned about the lighting in the community. We wish to express our concern about the safety issues of our residency.

The Residents of the Village of Runyon Springs are requesting additional lighting and requesting a higher voltage of lighting in all areas of the new subdivision.

17. STOP The Removal of The CROSS and BLOOD from Soul Chasers Prayer & Outreach Center

HELP SAVE OUR CROSS AND ARTWORK depicting the BLOOD of JESUS. Soul Chasers Prayer and Outreach Center has only been open in Amarillo, Texas since May 1st, 2005. We completely renovated our building which we lease from the San Jacinto Masonic Lodge No. 1330, the Masons welcomed our Christian Evangelistic Ministry with open arms.

The Master of the Lodge gave his approval on behalf of the Lodge for the placement of the Cross on the roof. In addition approval was granted for the painting of the cross on our back door. The Master of the lodge in agreement with our Lease gave us full aproval to paint the outside of the building and create signs and artwork.

The only sign on the building which is on the front wall, consisting of a flat plywood board, was painted in red paint with "JESUS SAVES" written on it. On the corner of the building and directly under the rooftop cross our artist painted red blood flowing down the side of the building. Written inside the red paint are different quotes, concerning the Blood of Jesus, such as "The Blood of Jesus Sets you Free".

Upon completion of all the outside artwork the Master of the Lodge advised us to cease from any further painting, as members of the lodge had complained about the blood artwork. They found the Blood artwork to be disturbing. The Director of our organization contacted the City of Amarillo Code Enforcement Department to obtain what rules, regulations and laws pertained to all the work done during the renovation of the building.

Per the City of Amarillo, no permits were needed for the artwork, as it is not considered to be signage under city ordinances. String lighting (Christmas lights) were placed on the border of the roof outlining it in white lighting. The Cross was lit up with red christmas lights. These lights are not regulated by the Code Enforcement Department and are not considered to be electrical work which normally needs permits and inspections.

On August 15, 2005 Six months into our lease we received notifcation from our Landlord - San Jacinto Masonic Lodge No. 1330, that they wanted the Cross removed from the roof, the Cross removed from the back door. They found the lighting on the cross and roof to be a hazard (in their opinion) and therefore disconnected all lights.

They demand immediate removal of all artwork painted with red paint on the outside of the building. The sign and the artwork of the Blood of Jesus. They state that their membership voted on the issue and want it all removed. They state that it violates the Grand Lodge laws which prohibits the Lodges from placement of any signs or emblems denoting a particular religion.

We are in full compliance with our lease agreement. During the renovation and placement of the artwork and crosses the Master of the Lodge and other members were involved and get informed on a daily basis. They consistly gave their approval for all our work, citing we had done a wonderful job and they were very pleased to have us as tenants.

In addition, the supplied equipment such as ladders for us to place the cross on the roof, and to install the lighting. The Master was constantly encouraging us to paint the outside of the building (since it was in poor condition) and told us to paint whatever we wanted. Furthermore, we had even negotiated with the Lodge about possibly renovated a large historical murial on the North wall of the building, which had started to peel and fade.

We presented them with plans of painting a depiction of Jesus Christ surrounded by drug addicts, prostitues and homeless people. The Master of the Lodge stated we had his approval.
Upon consulting with City Officials and our Attorneys, we our in full compliance with the law and followed proper procedure for approval per our lease agreement.

We therefore refuse to comply with the demands for the removal of these items. In addition, we request your support in standing with us on this issue. The Masonic Lodge is only offended by the Christian emblems of the Cross and the Blood of Jesus, because they despise both and teach against them.

The members of the Masonic Lodge are the only individuals that have made any negative comments about our artwork. The cross and the Blood artwork have drawn the comments and attention of every person that frequents sixth street in Amarillo, Texas.

We have been overwhelmed with compliments from all types of people from various faiths, beliefs and backgrounds. The cross and the Blood Artwork have become the Outreach's Identity as it is located on Historic Route 66 amongst Antique shops, biker bars and clubs. We will stand strong for the CROSS and we Proclaim once again that THERE IS POWER IN THE BLOOD OF JESUS.

We will not back down from what we belief is our right and priviledge to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus, the Death on the Cross, the atonement of our Sins throught the Blood of Jesus and by his death we obtain Salvation, and through Jesus only, not by works or by any other human means.

We are justified and washed in the Blood of Jesus. Satan ! Masons ! You are defeated in Jesus Name and we proclaim Victory so that the Lost may be Saved.

18. Street Lighting on Salisbury Drive

We the undersigned homeowners / residents of Crown Grant petition Hamlet Homes to install street lighting as per other streets in Crown Grant for safety concerns.

19. Oppose Artificial Turf And Lights At Heather School

The San Carlos Parks and Recreation Commission voted on April 7th to recommend replacement of the natural grass field at Heather Elementary School with synthetic turf and field lighting.