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1. Support Eastcote HC Second Pitch

Eastcote Hockey Club has submitted a revised application (2414/APP/2012/2812 ) to LB Hillingdon to build a 2nd Astroturf floodlit, multisport pitch on their club grounds at Kings College Playing Fields Ruislip. This pitch will be used mainly for hockey & football similar to the existing pitch, with more than 50% of users being community non club members.

The second pitch will allow the club to play all its home games at the club on Saturdays, carry out midweek training and accommodate all of the youth coaching and matches at the club on a Sunday to cope with the ever-increasing number of youngsters who want to join in. It will also be used by local junior and adult football clubs for 6-a-side games during weekday evenings. The 2nd pitch would also be available to local schools

Ruislip Rangers Football Club will continue to use the grass pitches for junior football and the running track will be refurbished and maintained by the club in the future for unrestricted free community use.

The new artificial pitch provides more than 5 times more sports playing capacity than the traditional single grass pitch it replaces. This increase of sporting facilities entirely supports government ambitions to promote and encourage the general public to engage in physical activities as part of a healthy lifestyle, as well as providing increased leisure activities especially for young people.

The second pitch will occupy 5% of the area of Kings College Playing Fields ensuring that 90% of the playing fields will still be totally available for unrestricted access by the community who will be able to continue their traditional pastimes.

Eastcote HC

2. A petiton to commend the actions of officers in April 21st Kings Cross Shooting

This petition is to commend the actions taken by the NSW Police Officers when juvenile delinquents posed a serious risk to public safety.

Around 4am on Saturday the 21st of April 2012 a NSW Police Officer shot two juvenile suspects in Kings Cross in a stolen car that mounted the sidewalk and struck two pedestrians. One of the police officers deployed his firearm to stop the car. The 14 year old driver was hit once in the chest and once in the arm, and the passenger was struck in the neck. The car also had 5 other passengers.

The media has since portrayed the incident as a racial hate crime due to the aboriginal ethnicity of the driver and passengers.

This petition is a direct retaliation to the petition criticizing the ‘brutal’ reaction by police. The matter still remains that the driver was unlicensed, driving a stolen, overloaded car and a serious threat to public safety. Pedestrians were jumping for their lives after the car mounted the curb, police attempted to stop the offending care without force but to no success. The driver deliberately disobeyed police instruction to stop, running over an officer’s foot before hitting two female pedestrians. One of these pedestrians was trapped under the car.

This is not a racial hate crime. The actions of police had no weighting on the ethnicity of the boys. A crime was committed and due force was used. It should not be expect that aboriginal youths receive favorable treatment in the eyes of the law. It is also unreasonable to argue police could have shot out the cars tires instead. Not only is this against police training, but it isn’t a guarantee of stopping the car. It is also noted the pedestrian struck was trapped under the same car. Out of anyone involved, this female pedestrian was the only innocent victim.

As a law abiding citizen I believe the driver and his passengers committed a serious criminal offence, posed a serious hazard to public safety and upon failing to stop when initially directed, waived their rights to police favor. The police officers involved used necessary force to subdue and detain those responsible and had a responsibility to the general population to ensure public safety.

The police officers actions were in the best intentions of the public and his job and career should not be compromised because of it.

3. Safety and a New Playground for our Children

Magnolia St in dorchester is a long hill like street. On my street theres alot of loving families with alot of children who love to play outside. In the past month, there has been three accidents with children getting hit by speeding cars.

There's no speed bumps or lumps to reduce the speed of these cars and increase the safety of our children in the neighborhood. Also, there are over 8 empty lots on this street, but no playground or clean field for these kids to play in, instead, these lots are being used as dumpsites from outsiders! Adding speed lumps to our street and a playground on one of the lots, would improve effectively the safety of not only the children, but all the families.

As a young Latino I care about my community and the people living in it!

4. Kings of Leon Tour

kings of leon are a fantastic band. however they only seem to tour in europe. they are an american band and they should tour here


I've decided to make a petition demanding a better handling in the situation with the youth violence in our neighborhoods. We do not need to get our rights taken away to solve a problem.

A new Program called the "SAFE HOMES INITIATIVE" was launched to help calm the violence and get the guns off the streets, yet i walk down my street and i see the same people doing the same thing, i look in the newspaper and another young man is shot, same ignorance. Where is the change?

We should be the ones making solutions, WE are the ones living in the HOOD!

6. Opposition to proposed Grande walkway alternative location

The current walkway is located between 629 and 631 Worcester Drive within the Grande at Kings Woods. It is used by children of the Grande to traverse between their properties and the West Deptford Middle School.

The property owners of 629 and 631 Worcester Drive are requesting that it be moved due to various reasons. According to Eric Campo, West Deptford Township Administrator, there are three alternatives regarding the placement of the walkway:

1. No action. Walkway remains at its current location.
2. Relocate the walkway behind the the following residences:
615 Worcester Drive
617 Worcester Drive
619 Worcester Drive
621 Worcester Drive
623 Worcester Drive
625 Worcester Drive
627 Worcester Drive
3. Remove the walkway from its current location and pursue the following options:
a. Bus the students to the Middle School.
b. Have the students walk onto Grove Road to the Middle School.