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Eastcote Hockey Club has submitted a revised application (2414/APP/2012/2812 ) to LB Hillingdon to build a 2nd Astroturf floodlit, multisport pitch on their club grounds at Kings College Playing Fields Ruislip. This pitch will be used mainly for hockey & football similar to the existing pitch, with more than 50% of users being community non club members.

The second pitch will allow the club to play all its home games at the club on Saturdays, carry out midweek training and accommodate all of the youth coaching and matches at the club on a Sunday to cope with the ever-increasing number of youngsters who want to join in. It will also be used by local junior and adult football clubs for 6-a-side games during weekday evenings. The 2nd pitch would also be available to local schools

Ruislip Rangers Football Club will continue to use the grass pitches for junior football and the running track will be refurbished and maintained by the club in the future for unrestricted free community use.

The new artificial pitch provides more than 5 times more sports playing capacity than the traditional single grass pitch it replaces. This increase of sporting facilities entirely supports government ambitions to promote and encourage the general public to engage in physical activities as part of a healthy lifestyle, as well as providing increased leisure activities especially for young people.

The second pitch will occupy 5% of the area of Kings College Playing Fields ensuring that 90% of the playing fields will still be totally available for unrestricted access by the community who will be able to continue their traditional pastimes.

Eastcote HC

We ask that you sign the petition to show your support for the proposals.

The petition will be presented to LB Hillingdon which is to consider our planning application in the coming months.

Please be sure to sign to have your views included.

Thank you.

Eastcote Hockey Club

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