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1. Get Publix To Stock Kangaroo Bread Products Again

Publix stopped carrying Kangaroo brand bread products.

If you would like the product line to be carried again by Publix, please sign the petition.

2. No testing of Australian wildlife at Wollongong Uni

NSW DECC (National Parks and Wildlife) has approved a scientific license for Wollongong University to retain 6 kangaroos in very small enclosures to measure the amount of methane expelled by the animals. A study that has been done before. After this experiment the kangaroos are to be slaughtered. They intend for the experiment to be repeated with Wombats.
For a government department responsible for the protection of native animals to give approval for such a cruel and unnecessary project is a violation of their duty to protect Australia's wildlife... Especially ironic when they are so reluctant to approve licenses to individuals and groups to care for and rehabilitate native animals!


3. Stop Kangaroo Meatworks

The South Grampians Shire Council (Australia) is now requesting the Victorian Minister for Agriculture to approve construction of a kangaroo processing facility (meatworks) in their vicinity to dispose of kangaroos shot under a permit system. This proposed meatworks will inevitably create a demand for thousands more kangaroos to be killed than are presently permitted.

We oppose this initiative. Not only does it threaten the decimation of the kangaroo population in the South Western area of Victoria; it will bring world wide condemnation of your Council. The Grampians are known nationally and internationally as a tourist Mecca where people throughout the world can visit and view native wildlife in their natural surroundings - not as a killing field.

4. Stop kangaroo Killings!

Late at night while peacefully grazing, thousands of kangaroos are faced with the threat of being hunted for their meat or skins.

These quiet herbivorous creatures which are an important part of the Australian ecosystem and have become part of Australia’s huge landscape for thousands of years are brutally killed for nothing other than profit. The killing of kangaroos has been described as the largest global massacre of wildlife in the world. The largest killing is taking place right here in Australia right now!

Millions of kangaroos are killed each year in Australia for their meat or skin as I mentioned before. The slaughter occurs in the most brutal way, most of the time, the kangaroos are still alive after they’ve been shot, and are dragged through the dirt in such awful pain and hung up by their feet. Kangaroos are not the only ones who get affected by this slaughter, so do the joeys. If the joeys are left in their mothers pouch, the killers rip it out by its delicate legs, and throw it on the ground, violently stomping on their heads and bodies just like a kid would do to a bug leaving their bodies crushed with pain. If the Joey isn’t stomped on, the killer just tosses the baby Joey onto the ground, so that any predator, whether it’s ants or dogs, can eat it alive. The orphaned older Joeys that don’t end up dying, are either killed completely, or sold into the cruel wildlife pet trade to spend the rest of their lives in cages as “entertainment”.

The scene is repeated all night long. Older joeys may hop away when their mothers are shot as the Joey dies a slow and lonely death from cold or starvation. This is the reality of kangaroo killing. But the killing continues.

The shooters are supposed to legally wound the kangaroo by a single shot to the head to avoid suffering, many kangaroos are shot in the jaw, neck, or chest, which causes enormous suffering. The pouch dependant joeys are ripped from their dead mothers pouch and either hit over the head with a metal pipe - a practice that is considered acceptable by the Australian government.

The Kangaroo has been a part of Australian history long before European settlement; it is seen on the Australian coat of arms, the fifty cent and one dollar coins and is the mascot of Australia’s largest Airline Qantas – However, the Australian government still allows the slaughter of several million kangaroos a year. The dead bodies of these beautiful animals are exported all over the world. Australia exports approximately 3 million kangaroo skins each year – mainly to Europe and the USA. Kangaroo skins are used to make handbags, wallets, sports gloves and mitts, golf bags, shoes (including athletic football boots and cycling shoes) coin purses, beer can holders, and other ridiculous products.

Lots of rumours go around about the kangaroos but most of them are just lies and reasons to shoot these innocent kangaroos and just so the government gets his way with money. But what is written below is no lie and is proven.

Myth - Kangaroos destroy wheat crops
A four year study by CSIRO(Commonwealth Scientific & Industrial Research Organisation) found that 95 per cent of wheat crops are never visited by kangaroos. Yet farmers and the Australian government still refer to kangaroos as pests. "Pests is an emotive word. It conjures up visions of animals destroying crops. I can think of no situations where this is likely to be true for kangaroos." (Dr. Graham Arnold, CSIRO) In fact, commercial killing takes place in the outback where crops are never grown.

Myth - Kangaroos compete with sheep for grazing
A six-year study by Dr Steven McLeod (NSW Agriculture) - the biggest ever undertaken - examined whether red kangaroos affected sheep farming. It found that there was no competition for food between sheep and red kangaroos and that the presence of kangaroos had no negative impact on the number of lambs born to the flock, nor their size.

Myth - Killing kangaroos helps preserve them
The kangaroo massacre destroys the process of natural selection. The repeated targeting of the 'alpha' males, the largest and fittest animals (who provide the industry with the big skins they want), means younger, smaller animals are left to breed, weakening the gene pool. "This has the potential to cause the extinction of a number of species". (Dr Ian Gunn, Animal Gene Storage Resource Centre of Australia.) Australia has the worst wildlife record in the world - six species of kangaroos extinct, four more extinct on the Australian mainland, 17 species endangered or vulnerable.

Myth - The killing is strictly controlled
No one monitors, let alone controls, the killing in the field. Kangaroos are shot at night in the vast outback, far away from public scrutiny. The Code of Practice for the Humane Shooting of Kangaroos, which hunters are supposed to adhere to, is a guideline document, not a law, and is not even linked to the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act. In order to obtain a licence to kill kangaroos commercially, all hunters have to do is read the Code, 'understand' it, and pass a one-day marksmanship course. "Shooters often have a thorough contempt for the law. They commit cruelty on a regular basis." (Dr John Auty, veterinary scientist and former Chief Agronomist).

Myth - Kangaroos are killed to save the environment
Kangaroos are an integral part of Australia's environment. They have evolved to live in harmony with the fragile landscape and often hostile weather conditions. Destruction of the environment comes from 160 million hard-hoofed sheep and cattle.

Myth - Kangaroos are in plague proportions
Kangaroos have never been a plague. They have been wiped out in many regions. In others, their numbers build up in order to withstand the regular droughts which wipe out half the population. Kill quotas for 2001 were 5.5 million, for 2002 7 million and for 2003 6.5million (the figure has decreased only because the government has had to acknowledge the sheer number of kangaroos who are dying in the drought that Australia is currently in the midst of). The official quota ignores joeys, road deaths, illegal and non-commercial kills. This annual death toll could amount to 10 million - a patently unsustainable figure.

Fact - The kangaroo industry exists in its own right - to make money by slaughtering the animals for their meat and skins. The meat and leather is promoted and marketed around the world to earn valuable foreign currency. Having built an industry with political clout, self interest will ensure it carries on killing, whatever its impact on kangaroos.

- Ways you can help:
Show your support to encourage people to let these poor kangaroos into their natural habitat in Australia and not rotting on the ground or even in boxing rings! And the best way to help is not to purchase any kangaroo meat or leather. And finally, demand an end to the biggest massacre of wild animals in the world.

No animals, whether human or beast should be forced to live a life they don’t want to live, or killed for selfish reasons. We should be sharing our resources and learning to live in harmony, not destroying the original inhabitants because we selfishly want the land for our own purposes and it just isn’t funny, imagine how scared they must be, all the noise and pain, we need to stand up and say this is not right, this is cruelty to Kangaroos, and remember this, animals have feelings too.

5. Adidas Stop Using Kangaroo Leather

Australia has the LARGEST killing of any land animal. The kangaroo is a NATIVE species, which is a symbol on our national coat of arms.

In 2009 the quota of kangaroos to be shot was just under 4 million. This does NOT include at-foot or in-pouch joeys that are killed by blows to the head by shooters.

6. Rocky 'HORROR' Show Circus - Bring OUR Kangaroos Home

BorderFest a US festival in Hidalgo, Texas, is allowing the perfomance of a show twice a day that perpetuates acts upon Australia’s National Icon our Red Kangaroo that in the opinion of most Australians is disgusting and cruel, and carried out in a pathetic attempt to celebrate all things Australian.

Festival sponsors include Kraft and Pepsi and the festival website has a Tourism Australia logo and link.

The "Rocky Horror Show Circus" runs at least twice a day involving two kangaroos and their owner Javier Martinez, who dresses up as a clown.

Martinez constantly teases the kangaroos by pushing at them and repeatedly punching them in the head before placing them in a headlock.

If Rocky tries to fend off Martinez's blows, Mr Martinez's wife Sandra pulls sharply and heavily on a tethered harness around the animal's chest in a way which is likely to cause the kangaroo even more pain, stress and trauma.

To the majority of the humane race this is not entertainment; but blatant animal cruelty with no care for the welfare of the kangaroos involved.

Martinez has been using our National Icon in his perverse shows for years.
How many kangaroos have died under Martinez's "care"? We know of at least 2.
How many more have to die a senseless degrading death?
How many sponsors just turn a blind eye without a single thought or care for the individual animals concerned and the pain and torment they experience?

Even if this festival bans the show Martinez can still perform it elsewhere.

Kangaroos are highly intelligent, extremely sensitive, family orientated animals. It is not natural for them to be forced to perform acts of aggression day in and day out to entertain sick individuals with a perverse sense of what they think is “entertainment”.

We are living in the year 2010 this barbaric scenario is totally UNACCEPTABLE.

7. Save Waratah Park Earth Sanctuary

Waratah Park Earth Sanctuary, Home of Skippy the Bush Kangaroo, is currently leased by Prudentia Investments and its future is uncertain.

We, the community, do not want this land to become just another housing estate. We cannot allow this to happen, this is a beautiful piece of land and an iconic part of Australian History. This is a matter of urgency! NSW Lands needs to take responsibility & claim back this land and return it to the community.

We call on the Government to acknowledge the dire state of affairs that currently confront Waratah Park. The Government must acknowledge the historical significance of the site and the recognition it commands throughout Australia and world wide. We also call on the Government to direct the Heritage Council to consider the inclusion of Waratah Park, particularly the iconic ranger cottage, on the State's Heritage Register.

We must ensure that the site is preserved under public ownership and remains open for the enjoyment and benefit of the people of New South Wales. This is a real challenge for the current Government, and we urge it to meet that challenge.

8. Save The Belconnen Kangaroos!

In May 2007 the media exposed a covert plan by the Department of Defence and the
Australian Capital Territory (ACT) Government to shoot to kill up to 3,200 Kangaroos at two Defence sites in the ACT.

The reasons given at the time: to ‘save’ the kangaroos from starving and to prevent them from competing with certain endangered grassland species reported to be on these sites: the golden sun moth, a legless lizard, and the earless dragon.

Around 500 of these kangaroos are trapped by a 2.5 metre high fence on a 116 hectare parcel of land at the former Belconnen Naval Transmission Station (BNTS). Of these, the plan was for 400 to be killed and have the remaining kangaroos forcefully sterilised. Somewhat extreme and barbaric measures to protect a moth, and unlikely to be the real reason why the ACT Government is so keen to clear this site, as the area around it is earmarked for housing development.

Following an immediate public outcry and subsequent consultations between Defence and a range of interest groups, Defence agreed to consult more widely. Members of Wildcare, a local volunteer wildlife rescue organisation with over 15 years of hands-on experience rescuing and rehabilitating kangaroos, submitted a proposal to Defence recommending a whole-of-ecosystem approach to the kangaroo issue. This preliminary proposal also detailed a workable strategy for the translocation of kangaroos.

Finally in September 2007, after consultations with Wildcare and a panel of experts, Defence announced that it would implement a kangaroo management plan in the ACT designed to promote sound ecological management and a responsible approach to animal welfare. The plan was to use a mix of translocation, fertility control and – only where necessary – euthanasia to bring the kangaroo population into balance with the ecosystem at the BNTS site. The contract to the successful to implement this strategy was awarded in early 2008.

Suddenly on 29 February, the ACT Government announced that it would block any application for a permit to allow the 'export' of kangaroos from the BNTS site. Not coincidentally, the ACT’s official kangaroo ‘culling season’ (killing season) recommenced the very next day.

This is EXTREMELY URGENT! Defence has gone back on their word, and tthe slaughter of these kangaroos on the site STARTED YESTERDAY (19 May 2008) and will continue over the next few days until they've killed more than 400.

These kangaroos are healthy and there is currently ample grass on the site following good rains over summer, and higher than average rain predicted over the coming months. There is absolutely no need for this slaughter to proceed. There are viable alternatives available, including translocation, but Defence has ruled this out as being too expensive. A number of suitable properties in NSW have been proposed to the contractor. The ACT Government’s decision to withhold these permits and mandate the killing of these kangaroos equates to brutal and unnecessary murder of Australia’s most important native species.

Photos of what is happening right now to these kangaroos can be viewed at and a video news report from yesterday's killing fields is can be viewed here.

Please help us send the ACT and Australian Federal Governments a clear message by signing this petition now! Let these kangaroos live!

9. Get Tom and Sam Home!

As you all know, our dearly beloved friends Tom and Sam are way down under, in the great Australia.

I am starting this petition to have the Australian government return the lads back to England where they belong. So show your love and how much you miss them by signing this 'Get Tom and Sam Home!' petition!

Also, we might be able to wrangle a free kangaroo out of this. So the more signatures the better!!!