#Animal Rights
Kraft, Pepsi, Australian Government Tourism Australia

BorderFest a US festival in Hidalgo, Texas, is allowing the perfomance of a show twice a day that perpetuates acts upon Australia’s National Icon our Red Kangaroo that in the opinion of most Australians is disgusting and cruel, and carried out in a pathetic attempt to celebrate all things Australian.

Festival sponsors include Kraft and Pepsi and the festival website has a Tourism Australia logo and link.

The "Rocky Horror Show Circus" runs at least twice a day involving two kangaroos and their owner Javier Martinez, who dresses up as a clown.

Martinez constantly teases the kangaroos by pushing at them and repeatedly punching them in the head before placing them in a headlock.

If Rocky tries to fend off Martinez's blows, Mr Martinez's wife Sandra pulls sharply and heavily on a tethered harness around the animal's chest in a way which is likely to cause the kangaroo even more pain, stress and trauma.

To the majority of the humane race this is not entertainment; but blatant animal cruelty with no care for the welfare of the kangaroos involved.

Martinez has been using our National Icon in his perverse shows for years.
How many kangaroos have died under Martinez's "care"? We know of at least 2.
How many more have to die a senseless degrading death?
How many sponsors just turn a blind eye without a single thought or care for the individual animals concerned and the pain and torment they experience?

Even if this festival bans the show Martinez can still perform it elsewhere.

Kangaroos are highly intelligent, extremely sensitive, family orientated animals. It is not natural for them to be forced to perform acts of aggression day in and day out to entertain sick individuals with a perverse sense of what they think is “entertainment”.

We are living in the year 2010 this barbaric scenario is totally UNACCEPTABLE.

We the undersigned urge Kraft, Pepsi and the Australian Government Tourism Australia and all other sponsors involved to take responsibility in this Rocky “Horror” Show Circus and to immediately stop all performances.

We want an assurance that Kangaroos are never used and abused this way again.

We the undersigned will stop buying products manufactured by the sponsors until such time you make immediate arrangements to give all these kangaroos a life worth living in a suitable environment.

Bring Rocky 1, 2 and 3 and all of Martinez’s kangaroos back home to Australia and let them be kangaroos and live as kangaroos with the respect and decency of life they deserve.

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