#Animal Welfare
Minister for Agriculture, Government of Australia

The South Grampians Shire Council (Australia) is now requesting the Victorian Minister for Agriculture to approve construction of a kangaroo processing facility (meatworks) in their vicinity to dispose of kangaroos shot under a permit system. This proposed meatworks will inevitably create a demand for thousands more kangaroos to be killed than are presently permitted.

We oppose this initiative. Not only does it threaten the decimation of the kangaroo population in the South Western area of Victoria; it will bring world wide condemnation of your Council. The Grampians are known nationally and internationally as a tourist Mecca where people throughout the world can visit and view native wildlife in their natural surroundings - not as a killing field.

We, the undersigned, call on the Government of Victoria to continue to oppose the development of a kangaroo meat processing facility in or in the vicinity of the South Grampians Shire.

We respectfully suggest that the Grampians and adjoining areas protect its wildlife and environment and that its councils facilitate tourism. not wildlife destruction and exploitation.

To construct a meat processing facility will create world wide condemnation and irreparably damage the kangaroo population.

Thank you.

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