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1. Reform the gross sexual imposition laws!

In the state of North Dakota a man/woman is able to get charged with gross sexual imposition a class AA FELONY=minimum mandatory sentence of 20 years, class A FELONY=maximum of 20 years with no minimum mandatory sentence and a number of other charges typically felonies if a teenager is to lie about their age.

There are no repercussions if the teenagers get caught lying but the defendants whole life is in jeopardy. We have to change this! I myself am being charged with g.s.i (gross sexual imposition).
I myself have seen multiple lives ruined due to this.

I will not stand for this anymore and neither should you!

2. Please help to free Danny Nightingale

I have started this e petition to raise awareness for Danny Nightingale, an SAS soldier who has been recently jailed for 18 months for possession of a firearm. If I can get to 100'000 signatures I can present this petition to Downing Street, and with people power can maybe get this decision overturned.

Danny is a serving SAS soldier who was presented with a gift in Iraq - a 9mm Glock, he graciously accepted this gift as it is considered rude and an insult not to. His former SAS commander Lt Col Richard Williams told the BBC he had needed to pull the soldier out of Iraq following the death of two close comrades to help organise the funeral arrangements, and his belongings had been packed up on his behalf by colleagues.

He said Sgt Nightingale had suffered a brain injury and that he could not remember having the pistol when it was found by police officers. The idea was that it would be deactivated and mounted on the wall of the Seargents Mess, as a war trophy, this is not an uncommon practice, war trophys range from Iraqi tanks to weapons in barracks all over the country. Danny endured a particularly grueling combat opp where two of his best mates had been killed, it was during this time that the weapon in his possession came to light. He was no threat, I mean who better to possess such a weapon than a highly disciplined and highly trained special forces soldier?

The treatment of this soldier is a complete injustice, and has been badly let down by the state, He has just been made an example of. This is a guy who has given tireless service to Queen and country, putting that before his family and friends, and putting himself in constant danger, all to keep us safe from terrorist threats. It angers me to hear that Danny has been jailed, whilst a known terrorist has walked free - Abu Qatada the reason for his release given that it was against his human rights to send him back to Jordan to face torture?? where is Danny's human rights?

Danny is an outstanding soldier, and does not deserve this unfair and shortsighted treatment by our failing justice system, need I remind you all, I am a Liverpool fan and I know all about mass failings in the justice system, police doctoring evidence, just disgusting, please sign and help to free this exemplary soldier and lets see justice done.

3. Justice and human rights for Thai People

The Thai government which is not elected by the people of Thailand, does not follow any international rules and regulations, including the Geneva Convention. They don't care about human rights or anything else.

This historical event was followed earlier this year on 10th April and 19th May 2010, with two tragic massacres. The Thai military and government shot down a pro-democracy activist movement in the streets of Bangkok. 91 unarmed civilians were killed, 2,000 injured, and also more than a few hundred people were jailed under the executive decree law.

Therefore, I would like you to take some strong action against this dictatorship, for the freedom, democracy, human rights and safety of the Thai people. In order to avoid future tragic losses and to defend democracy, we demand that the Thai government:

4. Reopen the investigation into the murder of Leanne Holland

As it stands, Leanne Holland's murder is now an unsolved cold case. The purpose of this petition is to force the authorities to reopen the investigation into who really killed Leanne Holland and to begin investigating the initial mishandling of the case by the original investigating team.

Graham Stuart Stafford was jailed for life in 1992 after being found guilty in the Queensland Supreme Court of murdering schoolgirl Leanne Holland.

He was convicted on circumstantial evidence of using a blunt object to bash to death the sister of his then-fiancee at a home in Goodna on September 23, 1991.

Graham spent nearly 15 years in prison for a crime he did not commit. He was released early in 2005 and on Christmas Eve 2009 had his conviction quashed pending a retrial. On March 26 2010 the Crown said that they would not be proceeding with a retrial.

5. Jail for life for people who make spyware and viruses

May 14, 2006

The internet is a great place. The best invention since the wheel. But there are people who would try to ruin it for us all.

With nothing better to do they send out viruses and other net related nasties. Its about time these "people" were jailed for life.

So instead of prosecuting some kid for downloading in music and making fat music companys richer, lets go after the real pest on the net.