Andrew Gower, Jagex Ltd

As many fellow players of "Runescape" are aware the beloved holiday drops are no longer going to happen. Previous holiday drops included party hats, masks and Santa hats, etc...

These added a great boost of fun to the game but since the drops have been stopped I have created this petition to convince Andrew Gower and Jagex Ltd to return our holiday drops ASAP! This fine game needs them!

We, the undersigned players of runescape would like Andrew Gower and Jagex Ltd to bring back the beloved seasonal holiday drops which added loads of extra fun to the game. New players always ask where rare holiday items come from, its hard to explain to them, so lets show them where they come from! Bringing back these holiday drops will make EVERY player in the world which is around 100,000+ very very happy and boost the games reputation.

Please Andrew Gower and the powers of Jagex Ltd consider returning these holiday drops so we can all have a happy time during yearly events such as Easter, Halloween and Christmas. Let these great programmers give us fun items dropped randomly all over the land! Please Bring back the Holiday drops!

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