Petition Tag - habbo

1. Keep WNI Forums!

So basically, please sign your name here if you want the War Nation Forums to stay!



2. Help Me to get 1 habbo us coin every month!

I have been a member of habbo USA for about a year now and I think we should at least get 1 coin every month. So please sign this and it might just come trough.


From what I've seen, alot of Habbos have been banned off the UK website because of the moderators not actually looking into a report.

This is annoying because when we report someone for a serious matter they do nothing, then if we say the word 'Cam' they send in the army and you will never see habbo again.

Let's stop unfair bans like this one.

4. IMers and gamers want free chat sites

Okay, i'm tired of havingto pay for this. It's annoying, bothersome, and i don't want to spend hard earned cash. Especially at habbo, seriously.

Sign for the sake of the chat sites.

5. Stop habbo scamming

June 2, 2006

This petition is for kids, how we can stop scammers on habbo hotel and help kids online on habbo hotel to be kinder and nicer to everyone else online.

Scamming is bad and cruel.

6. Coins should be Free on Habbo Hotel

March 15, 2006

Habbo Hotel coins should be free, why the hell would you buy coins for an online chat game?

It is just plain stupid. Plz sign this petition.

7. Debagging habbo staff Johno

Johno the staff member of banned me from habbo hotel for 2hrs for using the word "feck"

The word "feck" is an abbreviation of "effect", a form of power or efficacy or an Irish word for stealing.

After he had banned me he added the word "feck" to the bobba filter. I did not avoid the filter yet my ban message said I did.

I was in the middle of a habbo casino bet at the time and the girl that bet me a green bling pillow was obviously wanting her furni.

So what's Johno do without proof that this girl ever had the furni? He creates a green bling pillow for her. This goes right against what staff are allowed to do.

I shouted that I had a perfect record and that it was ruined.
he just said...

Not anymore

Happy new year

Johno has broken more than one rule here and this page is here to get this terrible staff member debagged !

8. Stop Habbo Hacking!

Yes! The hacking, it has been going on for YEARS! And I want to stop it... Because on and other habbo hotel's every day someone gets hacked! Like, I didn't get hacked... But I know alot of people who do! Some people aren't so smart as others... But I want to stop it! So if you beleive in this, you'll sign my petition, and help stop hacking!

9. Yes to Australian Habbo Credit Line

Australia wanted it? You got it. A petition for Habbo Hotel to allow Australia to have it's own credit line. Please sign!

10. Habbo Hotel - time for an Irish Habbo!

Habbo Hotel has come out with a ton of different Hotels. They forgot the Irish one. They need an Irish habbo.

11. Habbo Hotel - New Hotel View In Demand

Let's face it, the english version of the hotel is boring. Not the hotel itself...but the hotel view. Isn't it time for a change? Sign this petition if your ready for a new hotel view!

12. Habbo Hotel

As you may or may not know on the 17th of October 2003 our good friend got scammed by :.kedjo.:

:.kedjo.: downloaded a virus to elprice9's computer which enabled him to read everything she wrote including passwords that she entered. One of the passwords she entered was to habbo hotel. On the evening of the 17th at 11.40pm :.kedjo.: logged into her habbo account and moved all of her furni to his rooms.

What we are asking with this petition is that :.kedjo.: gets banned from habbo hotel so that he cannot do this to anyone else and that hopefully elprice9 will get her furni back.

I think we all realize that he cannot be allowed to do this to anyone else, not only is it annoying but many of us paid for our furni and now it has all gone to waste. This is no ordinary scam and we are unsure if it has happened to anyone else, we ask that this scam is brought to the attention of the other members of habbo hotel so that they can watch out for it.

Thank you for your time.

Amyea Rodriguez
(Amyea3) - Habbo Hotel