Habbo Hotel

As you may or may not know on the 17th of October 2003 our good friend got scammed by :.kedjo.:

:.kedjo.: downloaded a virus to elprice9's computer which enabled him to read everything she wrote including passwords that she entered. One of the passwords she entered was to habbo hotel. On the evening of the 17th at 11.40pm :.kedjo.: logged into her habbo account and moved all of her furni to his rooms.

What we are asking with this petition is that :.kedjo.: gets banned from habbo hotel so that he cannot do this to anyone else and that hopefully elprice9 will get her furni back.

I think we all realize that he cannot be allowed to do this to anyone else, not only is it annoying but many of us paid for our furni and now it has all gone to waste. This is no ordinary scam and we are unsure if it has happened to anyone else, we ask that this scam is brought to the attention of the other members of habbo hotel so that they can watch out for it.

Thank you for your time.

Amyea Rodriguez
(Amyea3) - Habbo Hotel

Please Sign to ban :.kedjo.: forever.

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