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We understand that there is money to be made and you can make it in the Oil Business ! But the people that buy are so poor that they can barely feed there families or even heat or keep there homes these days let alone pay there medical bills God for bid they have any.

The unemployment rate is growing and not getting much better ! And yet they keep raising the price of Gas it keeps going up and UP! It has to stop some ware until the economy comes back online again We need a Freeze on Gas PRICING NOW! Help AMERICA HELP ITS SELF NOW ! This one act that could get most of the people back in the game again! When Americans have to ask them selves do I buy food ? Do I pay my bills (heat, water house payment? or do I feed my gas tank?

We have a BIG problem specially when you can not even plan on what it might cost as the price changes day to day and some how that does not work for most Americans budgets. So Please Hold the gas price at ( $2.00 ) a gallon for at least 6 months to a year. America dose not need food Stamps nor welfare or even a bail out just a small solution that could make the change we all need! And let the Americans see the light again!

2. Better security for residents in LakeShore Dunes Apartments

I live in LakeShore Dunes Apartments at 440 North Lake Street in Gary, Indiana 46403, (219)938-0500. The main security door of my high rise building is broken. They have been refusing to fix this door for the past month.

I am a single parent of a young child that works evening shift and get home late. One night I get off work at 11 p.m. and get home with my 3 year old at around 12:30 a.m. and the main security door is wide open because it is broken and there is a homeless man sleeping in the main hallway.

I pay $630 in rent, no section 8, and have called the manager of the complex SEVERAL times and she is REFUSING to fix the door. I do not feel safe because anyone can walk into the building and catch a resident by suprise and be assaulted by an unwanted guest in the building. It's unsafe and scary.

The door has been broken for an ENTIRE MONTH. The manager told me that it is too expensive to fix the door. The only piece that they need is the "scissor looking" piece that makes the door snap back shut. It's not an expensive piece. They are just being lazy. There are allot of people that have small children and some single mothers that live alone in our building. I would hate for something to happen to a mother and her small child because of the irresponsibility and laziness of management, maintenance, and security.

In the stairwell, there are huge holes in the wall with wires and hanging out and plaster all over the floor. A child could touch the wire by accident and be fatally electrocuted.

I want them to fix the door. There is no reason why the door should be broken for that long. It is just pure laziness. When security does their "routine" building checks, they don't even bother to close the door. The gouging holes in the stairwell walls are dangerous and have been there for months.

Maybe if we can get some publicity about this issue, they will be more aggressive about fixing the door. PLEASE HELP!!