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All persons who influence on this law change

May 26, 2006

Dear Friends! Collegues! Dear Partners and Customers! Dear Drivers and Passengers! Dear All! My name is Leonard F. Yankelovich and I am BrandMan of DARTSFILMZ.TV window films.

Generation Z. Yes, I deal with window films. That's why somebody can tell: "Yeeeeeeah, Leo, You only want to make money selling Your films! You have no idea to help us". I will tell: "NO". The tint laws we have all over the world are outdated, incorrect and useless.

Tint laws we have make any car a dangerous weapon on any sunny area. This tint laws make car glass double dangerous during acidents. There are million "NO" we can tell to this tint laws, but we still don't do it. No idea to write here all problems related with nottinted drivers glasses....I want to tell here.

LET'S STAY UNITED. Let's kick this outlaw tintlaws which don't allow us to drive safely! LEGALIZE TINTZ!!!

Dear Friends! Let's every one of us ask our local lawmaker to legalize front glass tinting 50% minimum. Let's drive safely. Legalize TintZ!

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