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1. Create 'Enid Blyton's Enchanted World' in Beaconsfield

The stories and characters created by Enid Blyton have delighted children around the world for nearly a hundred years and her books have sold more than 600 million copies.

She lived for more than half her life in Beaconsfield and wrote nearly all her books at her house there, 'Green Hedges'. And yet there is precious little in Beaconsfield to celebrate the town's most famous ever resident.

This petition calls on Beaconsfield Town Council to facilitate the creation of a new family attraction in the site of the old Town Hall to celebrate the famous children's author.

2. A tribute to the classics

My petition pertains to a charitable event that could be held by the AFI and would involve celebrities duplicating famous and beautiful pictures of other celebrities from what is dubbed as the "golden age" of hollywood. And a golden age it was.

Movies were original and the plots were meaningful and moving, and hollywood was filled with a glamour and elegance, in the movies and people, that could never be duplicated. But it can be emulated, and beautifully I might add, by the celebrities of the day that owe their career to the likes of Humphrey Bogart, Katherine Hepburne, Lauren Bacall, Spencer Tracy, and Ingrid Bergman to name a few.

And I know some of you might be thinking "Why buy a remake when I could get the original?" The same reason they remake movies. To familiarize younger audiences with classics in a way they can relate, with actors and actresses they can relate to, or at least are familiar with. Not to mention the fun in seeing which legend your favorite celebrity resembles, and the charitable cause the proceeds go to.

And I'm sure the celebs would have fun paying homage to the ones those they admire and inspired them.

3. Make Liliana Mumy More famous!

Make Liliana Mumy more famous!

Liliana has been in several movies, her most recent and notable appearance being at Cheaper by the Dozen, alongside Steve Martin, Hilary Duff, Ashton Kutcher and Piper Perabo, among others.

Please sign to get Liliana more famous.

4. Bring Back the Bears

The North Sydney Bears are one of Australia's oldest Rugby League clubs. Established in 1908 the Bears were a foundation club of Australia's premier Rugby League competition. The Bears have a proud history and a strong and committed supporter base. In 1999 the Bears were inexplicabley booted out of the NRL and forced to merge with neighbours the Manly Warringah Sea Eagles to become the Northern Eagles. The joint venture was dominated by Manly and Bears fans lost patience with the new club. The joint venture eventually fell over at the end of the 2002 season, leaving the Bears waiting on the outside. Since the collapse of the Northern Eagles, the North Sydney Bears Rugby League Football Club and Mr John Singleton have been plotting for the Return of the Bears on the NSW Central Coast. The Bears proposed to move to the Central Coast before there collapse in 1999. The Bears have had an association with the area for many years and numerous Central Coast juniors have worn the famous Red and Black.

The Bears bid will be known as the Central Coast Bears and will wear the Red and Black of the North Sydney Club. They will retain the famous history and will have "foundation club" appear on their logo.

If the NRL has any sense, the Bears will be to 16th team admitted to the NRL for the 2007 season!

5. Save the Santa Fe Flea Market

The Santa Fe Flea Market is a public service in four ways.

1. We can save hundreds of jobs that can generate over $1 million dollars sales taxes each year.

2. This is a retail incubator that will grow small businesses into big ones.

3. The Santa Fe Rodeo parking area is the best location in Santa Fe.

4. Our world famous vendors will serve both locals and guests.

6. Abolish Jodie Foster from Google

Hi Jodie - I can call you Jodie, right? Seems appropriate under the circumstances.

Listen. I know we've been sparring for months now over the top Google spot when people search for Jodie, and for a while there, I was actually in the number one spot. You had it, then I had it, now you have it again.

Truthfully, compared to all your Oscars and mentions and how famous you are, I'm really just a regular gal sitting here blogging about my mundane life. While I have been mentioned in various little magazines, been on dozens of national and regional radio shows, in the paper and even interviewed on one TV show (albeit via netcam), my notoriety simply cannot hold a candle to yours.

You get to go home and snuggle up with all those awards and the like - could I ask a favour? Could I just have Google? Just this one little thing... I would really appreciate it. You understand, I'm sure - always with the "No, it's: Jay. Oh. Dee. Eye. EEEEEEEEEEEEE. There is an 'e' on the end. An E." Our name is special, isn't it?

Ever yours in final 'e' solidarity,


7. Stop Famous Players' Promotion of Pappas Furs

Famous Players, one of North America's largest movie exhibiting companies, has been promoting Pappas Furs Designers Ltd. We need your support in persuading Famous Players to stop its promotion of this company because of the extreme and obscene cruelty that is inflicted on animals by the fur industry.

Fur bearing animals endure hideous suffering and death. They are caught in the wild with snares, leghold and conibear traps and endure excruciating
pain. Death is not swift. In a desperate attempt to escape, many try to chew their limbs off, or languish for hours or even days until the trapper returns, only to be beaten or clubbed to death if they are still alive. Others die of infection or become prey to other animals.

Fur farms (more like fur factories) subject animals to a life time of suffering and a horrific death. Animals on fur farms spend their entire lives in small, filthy
cages, madly pacing back and forth out of stress and boredom. Cannibalism is
often the grim reality of this psychological distress. There is no humane slaughter legislation to protect these animals. Fur farmers use gruesome killing methods that include gassing, suffocation, neck breaking, anal and vaginal electrocution.

Furthermore, contrary to the deceitful claims of the fur industry, fur is
not an eco-friendly product. Snares, leg hold and conibear traps are
indiscriminate and often 2-10 non-targeted animals are caught some of which are members of endangered species. Even cats and dogs fall victim to these traps. In addition, the fur industry relies on the heavy use of toxic caustic acids to treat pelts which would otherwise rot as fur garments.

Please sign our petition and help us send a clear, strong message to Famous Players that they should adhere to the business of bringing entertainment to the public and not be involved in the promotion of this brutal and deceitful industry.