#Animal Rights
Famous Players

Famous Players, one of North America's largest movie exhibiting companies, has been promoting Pappas Furs Designers Ltd. We need your support in persuading Famous Players to stop its promotion of this company because of the extreme and obscene cruelty that is inflicted on animals by the fur industry.

Fur bearing animals endure hideous suffering and death. They are caught in the wild with snares, leghold and conibear traps and endure excruciating
pain. Death is not swift. In a desperate attempt to escape, many try to chew their limbs off, or languish for hours or even days until the trapper returns, only to be beaten or clubbed to death if they are still alive. Others die of infection or become prey to other animals.

Fur farms (more like fur factories) subject animals to a life time of suffering and a horrific death. Animals on fur farms spend their entire lives in small, filthy
cages, madly pacing back and forth out of stress and boredom. Cannibalism is
often the grim reality of this psychological distress. There is no humane slaughter legislation to protect these animals. Fur farmers use gruesome killing methods that include gassing, suffocation, neck breaking, anal and vaginal electrocution.

Furthermore, contrary to the deceitful claims of the fur industry, fur is
not an eco-friendly product. Snares, leg hold and conibear traps are
indiscriminate and often 2-10 non-targeted animals are caught some of which are members of endangered species. Even cats and dogs fall victim to these traps. In addition, the fur industry relies on the heavy use of toxic caustic acids to treat pelts which would otherwise rot as fur garments.

Please sign our petition and help us send a clear, strong message to Famous Players that they should adhere to the business of bringing entertainment to the public and not be involved in the promotion of this brutal and deceitful industry.

We the undersigned respectfully ask Famous Players to cease their business relationship with Pappas Furs Designers Ltd., on the grounds that the products sold by Pappas Furs - garments made wholly or in part with animal fur - are always the product of terrible animal cruelty and suffering.

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