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1. Help us save 1730's Mclean Virginia Minor Family Home from demolition

Dear fellow American Citizens and fellow Residents,

Sitting on the easterly rim of Minors Hill Virginia, The Minor Family Home at 2049 Virginia Avenue (now 6349 Nottingham st.) is an important landmark with direct connections to our American Heritage and history. It's direct connection to the war of 1812, and our Civil War of 1861-65 make this a priceless American landmark which may soon be lost forever if we do not speak out to preserve this history for our children and grandchildren of this great United States of America!

Facts about the Minor Family Home,

- It's humble beginnings started 284 years ago before the American Revolution approximately 1730. The home was built out of hand-hewn logs which still exists to this day. The original logs structure is completely intact behind the brick overlay and can be seen inside the home.

- George Minor first purchased the home in 1770. He made some additions shortly after and from then on the area became known as Minors Hill which is today considered the highest point in the Area at 471 feet.

- During the war of 1812 George Minor Jr. served as a Lieutenant Colonel of the Virginia Militia 60th Regiment and was called to the defense of the capital. It is reported that Dolly Madison stayed at the Minor house while fleeing from British Troops entering Washington and carrying with her the cherished George Washington Portrait she cut out of the frame to save.

- The minor home had another historic run in with history during the civil war when it was used as a signal station and an observation post to protect Washington from Confederate forces. General McClellan among other well-known figures of the civil war are actually photographed in front of the Minor home March of 1862. You can stand right now in the same place where General McClellan and others stood 154 years ago.

- If we don't act now this historic site will be lost to time forever.

-I believe it is our obligation as American Citizens to protect our Heritage, and the Americans who died for the freedoms we enjoy today.

-Please help save this Amazing piece of American History for our children and grandchildren to see!! We have very little time so I ask you to call on you to reach out to any sources you may have to stop the demolition of this home due in just a week or two!

Thank you for your Support!

2. Chickens for Fairfax County, Virginia

Petition to Allow Residential Hen-Keeping in Fairfax County

We, the undersigned residents of Fairfax County, call upon the members of the Fairfax County, Virginia Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors to amend the Fairfax County Zoning Ordinance to provide for the responsible keeping of chickens by residents within the county on residential lots smaller than two acres.

Problem: The Fairfax County Zoning Ordinance restricts residents who live on lots smaller than two acres from keeping chickens unless they complete 33-page application, pay up to a $910 fee, and gain approval following a public hearing. This represents a prohibitive burden as most Fairfax residents have far less land, yet many would like the benefits of keeping a few hens.

 Female chickens (hens) only, no roosters.
 Number of hens scaled to lot size with 1/8th acre minimum.
 Hens will be kept in a humane and sanitary fashion that does not present a nuisance to neighbors or affect the visual character of the neighborhood.

Many municipalities across the country, including in Virginia, are allowing their residents to keep a limited number of hens.


3. Say No to Daycare Center at Copper Crossing

A real estate developer (InSite Real Estate Investment Properties) is requesting Fairfax County to approve a special exception to allow a day care center at this location. (A 16,000 sq. ft. CVS SIZE BUILDING). The 206 child day care center would have an entrance and exit on West Ox Road across from the firehouse.

This development would adversely affect residents quality of life snd safety for the following reasons:

• Over 350 vehicle trips between 7-9 AM and 4-6 PM would be entering and exiting onto West Ox Road inside our neighborhood and creating gridlock at the neighborhood’s only traffic light.

• Neighborhood residents already experience severe delays trying to get out of the neighborhood in the morning at the West Ox Road and Centreville Road stoplight. Imagine 200+ cars trying to get out from 7-9 AM.

• During the school year, the traffic gridlock on West Ox Road would be particularly bad as school buses and drop off cars would mix with the day care and neighborhood traffic.

• Many drivers leaving the day care center would be frustrated by the gridlock at the stoplight, make a right turn onto West Ox Road and meander through the neighborhood to other exits at Copper Ridge and Floris.

• The additional volume of traffic in the neighborhood would create a dangerous environment for school children walking and biking to school as well as present challenges for the student-led safety patrol.

• The entrance to Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Station would be located directly across from the Daycare. We believe that having the Fire Station and first responders across form the proposed development will hinder operations. The fire trucks use both lanes to turn out, they will have issues at Day Care peak hours if they must answer a call.

• Because of the widening of Centreville Road and the higher speed limit posted now 45pmh (in front of a public school no less) All traffic to get out of our developments is currently best served by using the light at West Ox and Centreville Rd, which will only get worse at peak hours (AM as we go to work & PM return).

4. Save OUR Buses - Dulles Corridor

Supporters and riders of the 552, 553, 554, 557,929, 951, & 952 Fairfax Connector buses who oppose the elimination of these bus routes in the Proposed FY 2011 Fairfax Connector Budget.

5. Erect Traffic Control on Alter Road at Fairfax

This petition is written in order to request assistance from the City of Detroit Traffic Engineering Division to allow a traffic control device to be erected on Alter Road at the intersection of Fairfax so that excessive speeding will be stopped and safety of ourselves, our children and our property will no longer be threatened by such vehicles traveling over the posted speed limit.

6. Sidewalk Addition to Havenner Road

Our neighborhood has seen many road improvements over the last two years, but one significant issue continues to haunt us all, -- the dangers for any pedestrian, both young and old. *Over 110,000 pedestrians are injured every year and many are even killed by automobiles. This carnage is attributable only in part to individual misjudgment -- a failure to "look both ways" as children are taught. These deaths an injuries are also the consequences of a transportation system gone badly wrong -- a system focused on making the streets safe for cars instead of making communities safe for people.

Indeed, people are 1.6 times more likely to get killed by a car while walking than they are to be shot and killed by a stranger with a gun.

An in fact our own neighborhood has had consistent trouble with speeders, hazardous driving and lack of accessible walkways. One neighbor was hit just a year ago and got seriously injured.
Two important points:
1)Senior Citizens Are At The Highest Risk and
account for 23 percent of all pedestrian
fatalities -
2)Most Fatalities Occur On Neighborhood Streets, More than half -- 55 percent -- of all pedestrian deaths by automobiles occur on neighborhood streets.
Let's take a step forward to gaining back our streets for those that want to walk, run, exercise, and enjoy our beautiful neighborhood. There are many attractions, such as the pond and the pool that are just not accessible to the average walker/family. Sidewalks can be the beginning to opening up ourselves to a new way of life in Fairfax Station.