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Supervisor Catherine Hudgins -- huntermill@fairfaxcounty.gov
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A real estate developer (InSite Real Estate Investment Properties) is requesting Fairfax County to approve a special exception to allow a day care center at this location. (A 16,000 sq. ft. CVS SIZE BUILDING). The 206 child day care center would have an entrance and exit on West Ox Road across from the firehouse.

This development would adversely affect residents quality of life snd safety for the following reasons:

• Over 350 vehicle trips between 7-9 AM and 4-6 PM would be entering and exiting onto West Ox Road inside our neighborhood and creating gridlock at the neighborhood’s only traffic light.

• Neighborhood residents already experience severe delays trying to get out of the neighborhood in the morning at the West Ox Road and Centreville Road stoplight. Imagine 200+ cars trying to get out from 7-9 AM.

• During the school year, the traffic gridlock on West Ox Road would be particularly bad as school buses and drop off cars would mix with the day care and neighborhood traffic.

• Many drivers leaving the day care center would be frustrated by the gridlock at the stoplight, make a right turn onto West Ox Road and meander through the neighborhood to other exits at Copper Ridge and Floris.

• The additional volume of traffic in the neighborhood would create a dangerous environment for school children walking and biking to school as well as present challenges for the student-led safety patrol.

• The entrance to Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Station would be located directly across from the Daycare. We believe that having the Fire Station and first responders across form the proposed development will hinder operations. The fire trucks use both lanes to turn out, they will have issues at Day Care peak hours if they must answer a call.

• Because of the widening of Centreville Road and the higher speed limit posted now 45pmh (in front of a public school no less) All traffic to get out of our developments is currently best served by using the light at West Ox and Centreville Rd, which will only get worse at peak hours (AM as we go to work & PM return).

We, the undersigned residents of Fairfax County, oppose the “Special Exception” application filed on the parcel of open land at the intersection of West Ox and Centerville Road(across from Fire Station) with plans to construct a 206 Student Day Care Facility.

Due to the close proximity to an existing residential neighborhood, Floris Elementary and Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Department, we do not believe this is an appropriate location for this type of facility.

We urge the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors to deny any plans for a Day Care Center at this location, which will lead to increased traffic, noise and safety of the residents and students at Floris Elementary.

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