#American Heritage & Historic Preservation
Mr. Project Management(Matthew Rzepkowski) /Fairfax Va.(McLean) Building and Planning office/Realter
United States of America

Dear fellow American Citizens and fellow Residents,

Sitting on the easterly rim of Minors Hill Virginia, The Minor Family Home at 2049 Virginia Avenue (now 6349 Nottingham st.) is an important landmark with direct connections to our American Heritage and history. It's direct connection to the war of 1812, and our Civil War of 1861-65 make this a priceless American landmark which may soon be lost forever if we do not speak out to preserve this history for our children and grandchildren of this great United States of America!

Facts about the Minor Family Home,

- It's humble beginnings started 284 years ago before the American Revolution approximately 1730. The home was built out of hand-hewn logs which still exists to this day. The original logs structure is completely intact behind the brick overlay and can be seen inside the home.

- George Minor first purchased the home in 1770. He made some additions shortly after and from then on the area became known as Minors Hill which is today considered the highest point in the Area at 471 feet.

- During the war of 1812 George Minor Jr. served as a Lieutenant Colonel of the Virginia Militia 60th Regiment and was called to the defense of the capital. It is reported that Dolly Madison stayed at the Minor house while fleeing from British Troops entering Washington and carrying with her the cherished George Washington Portrait she cut out of the frame to save.

- The minor home had another historic run in with history during the civil war when it was used as a signal station and an observation post to protect Washington from Confederate forces. General McClellan among other well-known figures of the civil war are actually photographed in front of the Minor home March of 1862. You can stand right now in the same place where General McClellan and others stood 154 years ago.

- If we don't act now this historic site will be lost to time forever.

-I believe it is our obligation as American Citizens to protect our Heritage, and the Americans who died for the freedoms we enjoy today.

-Please help save this Amazing piece of American History for our children and grandchildren to see!! We have very little time so I ask you to call on you to reach out to any sources you may have to stop the demolition of this home due in just a week or two!

Thank you for your Support!

We, the undersigned call on Mr. Project Management (President Matthew Rzepkowski) to halt demolition plans for the 1730's Minor Family home and to preserve the landmark as a historic site, and or allow the lot section with the original part of the home and location of the civil war observation tower to be sold off a willing party for preservation.

We strongly believe this landmark should be preserved for our children and grandchildren and to respect those who sacrificed during the civil war to give us the freedoms we enjoy today.

We also call on the Fairfax/Mclean Va. Planning, Building and Permit offices to take any action necessary to halt demolition of the Historic American Landmark. We appreciate Matthew Rzepkowski and his business, but are calling on him to do the right thing in this situation and to preserve our Historic Minor Hill landmark for our Residents and in doing so, preserving our American heritage.

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