Jim Ferlo
United States of America

Due to critical financial problems within the city budget, Mayor Tom Murphy has been forced to cut funding for the Pittsburgh Parks and Recreation Department. Without funding, there will be no Great Race, no Light-Up Night, no Fourth of July at the Point, as well as many other celebrated Pittsburgh events.

In short, there will be a lot less to do around Pittsburgh during the year. Please sign the petition to aid in the reinstitution of these events.

We, the undersigned, petition that Pittsburgh Parks and Recreation funding be reinstated if a tax reform package is passed in 2004. Events such as The Great Race, The Tree-Lighting Ceremony, Fourth of July at the Point, as well as community swimming pools and recreation centers are vital to a thriving Pittsburgh community. While we understand that certain measures should be taken to restore Pittsburgh's financial stability, it is not fair to take away both jobs and leisure activities that the city has provided to its citizens for countless years. We would appreciate it if steps were taken to reinstate the Parks and Recreation fund for 2004. Failure to do so compromises quality and risks the stability of the City of Pittsburgh.

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