Floyd County Board of Education
United States of America

A literature teacher from Pepperell High School, who takes modern events and compares them with English literature has been told he can no longer do that. It has been said that because of recent events that his political views could be offensive. I am a student of his class and highly disagree with this statement. Although he tells us what he believes he has never asked us to accept these beliefs ourselves. I think by gagging him on this it is binding our ability to learn. I myself have learned more in this class than the rest of my High School career, and the rest of my class is in agreeance with me. I feel that if we stand by and let this be done the next thing we know our free speech will be gone. I will greatly appreciate your support in this matter. Thank you for your time.

I believe that a teacher should be allowed to teach his/her students about relevant materials, whether they are political or not, and I think that binding someone from this is a violation of their freedom of speech.

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