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As Americans we have all bought into the American Dream. Everyone wants to make a better life and have a little more. But keeping up with the Jones’ has finally caught up with us.

So let’s get this straight…the responsibility for the current financial crisis in America, especially the mortgage industry, rests on all involved parties; consumers looking to have more for less, industry professionals looking to make a better income, corporate America looking to increase the bottom line. No single sector caused the financial crisis that we face today. The truth is that Americans are in trouble because they have little or no Financial Literacy.

As a professional in the mortgage industry, I have first-hand experience dealing with those exact people in crisis. I spend 25 plus hours a week of my time helping those homeowners who got into bad loans, are about to lose everything and have nowhere to turn for help. My phone rings an average of 12 times a day, every day, with another desperate person on the other end who faces foreclosure or bankruptcy because they can’t cover all their expenses. Their desperation is overwhelming and their lack of knowledge about how to manage their money is appalling.

In response to what we have seen, two friends and I are starting a non-profit business, Dependable Consumer Counseling, to address what we see as the fundamental problem in this situation: People don’t have the basic knowledge, we call it Financial Literacy, to manage their money. Our plan is two-fold: to help people explore all their options so they can get out of the crisis they are in and to educate men, women and children so they can have a more secure financial future.

We have had an overwhelming response from everyone we have talked to about our venture. Individuals have shown great interest in attending seminars on Financial Literacy in which we would teach them the basics of budgeting, buying a house and the fundamentals about credit. This type of common sense knowledge is not taught in schools. The teachers and counselors we have spoken with have shown great interest in having us come as guest speakers to teach this program to the children who are our future.

The best part is that we want to offer our services free of charge so that they are available to everyone.

So the concept is sound and much in need, but we feel that in order to be successful we need to do this full time and are starting a non-profit corporation to that end. This is where we need your help. We have looked into government funding and it’s either not there or we don’t qualify for it. And we truly feel that to accomplish our goal, our services must be offered free of charge. Please make a tax deductible donation today so we can help to make a better tomorrow.

We, the undersigned, wholeheartedly support the vision and mission of Dependable Consumer Counseling and ask that you help support their work of educating individuals in the community and the youth in our schools by making a tax-deductible donation today.

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