J.T.Lambert Middle School
United States of America

JT Lambert (aka JTL) as well as other East Stroudsburg area schools, keep raising school lunch prices by as much as 5-10 cents a year! At this rate, lunches may soon cost a good 2 dollars, and this doesn't include the snack bar! Many kids can hardly afford lunch, because there parents are unwilling to give them the increasing price for the food.

I ask that this is stopped and decreased. Lunch should be something everyone can afford and enjoy, not something that costs 9 dollars a week!

The current price is $1.80, almost two dollars! I did the math, and its nine dollars a week spent on a school lunch! In one month, you spend $36 dollars on cafiteria food, so thats $324 dollars a year! That is way too much money to be spending on a school lunch! You do the math. It's crazy.

This petition is to decrease the price of the JT Lambert Intermidiate school's lunch to something more reasonable. The price being asked is too much, and there for is causing kids to have a lack of proper nutrition.

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