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The website Fanfiction.net has as of today, September 12th, deleted a high-rating bracket and several whole sections, including and not limited to, Music Groups, Sports, and several others. For the ratings bracket, they cite complaints from people too stupid to hit the 'back' button. As for the genre deletions, they have for some reason decided that writing stories about famous people can damage them in some way. Although others could see it as a sincere form of flattery. Should this injustice continue or be rectified? Should countless people lose their beloved stories? Should countless authors lose the product of their creative stimulus?

We, the undersigned, request respectfully but forcefully that the managers of Fanfiction.net bring back the various genres and ratings-brackets they have deleted.

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The Save Your Favorite Stories On Fanfiction.net! petition to Fanfiction.net was written by Mariah Schmidt and is in the category Arts & Entertainment at GoPetition.