#Arts & Entertainment
San Joaquin County Academic, Business, and Art Markets
United States of America

Dear San Joaquin Academic, Business and Art Markets:

Studies show communities that economically invest in the arts receive returns higher than their investment(s).

As a fine art visual artist (drawing, painting, photography, sculpture, etc.), of San Joaquin County, California, USA, I hereby declare:

My role is to perpetuate our culture in the art I create;

When I make art, regular skills I use may include the following:

• applied mathematics
• chemistry,
• geometry,
• additional varied physical sciences,
• compound complex writing,
• critical thinking and analysis,
• tools and supplies inventory and review,
• risk management, product testing, and purchasing,
• psychological introspection,
• sociological observations,
• project coordination,
• cost analysis and advanced accounting,
• contract design and review,
• project management,
• chief executive/presidential: small business design, management, and operation,
• trial demonstrations, problem solving, and education.

Additionally, I have normal every-day obligations like:
• having adequate food, clothing, transportation, and housing, and
• consistently conducting good-faith business practices, professionally.

As a skilled expert, the following normal business costs and expenses are incurred in the making of my art and included in my net sales pricing:
• Insurance (vehicles, liability, fire, theft, property, workman's compensation, etc.)
• Specialized Training (mentoring, vocational, academic, continuing, etc.)
• Established and Periodic Literature and Information Resources
• Vehicle Maintenance and Operation (gasoline, oil, etc.)
• Non-recurring Studio Materials and Equipment (brushes, lathes, cameras, easels, etc.)
• Advertising (websites, photo books, business card and flyer printing, etc.)
• Vehicles (automobiles, vans, trucks, movers/installation aids, etc.)
• Warehouse, Studio, Shop, and Office Rent
• Documenting, recording, and archiving art works to support clear provenance,
• Stocks of art supplies, hand equipment tools, and replacement parts
• Telephone, Light, and Heat
• Small Business Management and Administration
• Office Equipment (computers, faxes, phones, scanners, backup drives, etc.)
• Technical Computer Support Services
• Business Expenses (Fielding Agents, Show Entrance Fees, Membership Fees, etc.)
• Benefits (IRA/Retirement accounting, Business Banking Charges, etc.)
• Office Assistance (usually, in small businesses, a taxed/overworked loved one)
• Office Supplies (stationary, postage, shipping crates/boxes, etc.).

By signing below, I state:

• I am an artist living and/or working inside San Joaquin County, California, USA,

• Principally, I am an ARTIST and not an arts administrator,

• I am an expert, a valuable skilled professional who contributes goods and services that vastly improves our local economy,

• I reasonably assist fellow artists within my small business network to maintain and gain fair business practices.

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