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1. Wollaston Co-Op Staff Safety

The Wollaston Co-Op store, used by so many in the village and surrounding areas, has been subjected to several armed robberies over the past year. Even now, there is no extra security in place to protect the night-time staff who work until 11pm every night of the week.

The Co-Op's slogan is 'Doing the right thing since 1844. Because we are not just about profit.'

Please sign if you believe the Co-Operative organisation should put security in place at the entrance to the store. If we don't care for the staffs' safety, who will?

2. Petition to Take Back La Montañita Co-op

Our La Montañita Co-op board has been manipulated by an outside consulting group (CDS Consulting) with ties to a large food corporation (United Natural Foods, Inc.).

We need 1,600 member-owners to sign the petition to hold a Special Membership Meeting, where we will remove board members, elect new board members, and vote on proposals to Take Back the Co-op.

If you are not yet a member-owner, please sign up at the customer service counter of your local store. Then sign the petition using your membership number. There has never been a better time to become a member-owner and make your voice heard!

Visit for details.

3. Save Long Itchington Post Office

Shortly after Christmas a notice was displayed in the Long Itchington Co-op advising that the 'instore' post office counter would be closing on 25th February 2016.

This decision was made without any consultation within the community or contact with the Parish Council.

The Post office provides a vital service within the village and it's closure will have an adverse impact on residents, particularly those unable to drive and/or have mobility problems.

Please make a comment as it adds weight to the Petition. However if you make a comment please don't hide your comment, as the Co-op will not be able to see your comment. Thank You

4. Petition to the Co-op Board and Management

On Friday, June 13, 2014, two long-time employees at the Lebanon Co-op, Dan King and John Boutin (who has served on the Board), were fired without notice or explanation and were escorted out the front door. They asked several times why they were being terminated; the Operations Manager said only that he was exercising his prerogative in an “at will” employment state (meaning no reason need be given) -- a chilling response.

John and Dan, in their 11 years each at the Co-op have provided outstanding service to the members and shoppers for wine and cheese. We are concerned both about the damage this action does to these men and to the Co-op.

John and Dan had followed with great concern the increasing dissatisfaction and discontent of their fellow employees. They spoke up repeatedly, and repeatedly their concerns were disregarded by senior management. The Coop management’s final response was to terminate them.

This is not the behavior of the Co-op we joined and want to support. We consider offsite management and a corporate culture that makes employees feel vulnerable and excluded completely against the spirit of a genuine Co-operative.

5. Batman AA 2, Mutiplayer

The Game, Batman Arkham Asylum, though on an Island, was based in an open world structure. As such the style of gameplay lends itself well to it. But there is another element missing. Co-op campaign and Multiplayer. Since the New Batman takes place in Gotham, games like Mass Effect 2 and Red Dead Redemption, we see how structured an open world can be, and with games like, Splinter Cell Conviction, and a host of other multiplayer games, we see how bringing these two world together is the final word in gaming.

Since Batman AA uses the Old Animated series Voices, it is appropriate to deliver story missions as an "Episode" example: The Joker Episode, or, The Two Face Episode, each villain having a 2 hour mission.
As the game would be open world, the "episodes" would be specific story missions that can be completed in that world.