The Co-op Board and Management
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On Friday, June 13, 2014, two long-time employees at the Lebanon Co-op, Dan King and John Boutin (who has served on the Board), were fired without notice or explanation and were escorted out the front door. They asked several times why they were being terminated; the Operations Manager said only that he was exercising his prerogative in an “at will” employment state (meaning no reason need be given) -- a chilling response.

John and Dan, in their 11 years each at the Co-op have provided outstanding service to the members and shoppers for wine and cheese. We are concerned both about the damage this action does to these men and to the Co-op.

John and Dan had followed with great concern the increasing dissatisfaction and discontent of their fellow employees. They spoke up repeatedly, and repeatedly their concerns were disregarded by senior management. The Coop management’s final response was to terminate them.

This is not the behavior of the Co-op we joined and want to support. We consider offsite management and a corporate culture that makes employees feel vulnerable and excluded completely against the spirit of a genuine Co-operative.

We the under-signed Co-op members and supporters, ask the Board to:

1. Reinstate Dan and John with back pay;

2. Work with staff to reevaluate current labor practices, including adopting a policy requiring just cause for dismissal.

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