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Boderlands is an amazing gaming franchise, that I've owned for years, over multiple copies, on many gaming systems. I've even gifted tons of friends over the years.

This petition is to combat the fact that Gearbox left local co-op out of their PC editions of the games. This is the one major feature that would super-elevate their game over any other games, which can support local co-op.

Please show your support for this petition and help us spread the Borderlands love to as many couches as possible!

Thanks and see you in the badlands! ♡

We call on Gearbox Software LLC to enable couch co-op on every Borderlands 3 PC edition, to spread the joy of Borderlands to PC gaming households everywhere.

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The Official Petition to Make Borderlands 3 PC Local Co-Op Enabled! petition to Gearbox was written by Kyle MacDonald and is in the category Consumer Affairs at GoPetition.

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