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1. Termination of Dan Feher as Athletic Director

Springbrook High School has always been known as a unique and diverse school in the Montgomery County area of Maryland. The diversity of the school shows not only in academics, but also in athletics. While performing at Paint Branch High on the 17th of January, the head coach of the cheerleading team was told their performance was a “little too ghetto, tone it down” by the Principal Art Williams.
Two days after the incident, Dan Feher, the Athletic Director held a meeting with the cheerleading team. At the start of the meeting, Feher asked the team not to give input during the conversation. Feher proceeded to inform the team that their routines did not fit into his “new standard” for Springbrook athletics. Then he proceeded to tell the team, which is predominately African-American, that there was no place for a HBCU style cheers in the Montgomery County Public School (MCPS).
Not only did Feher suppress the voices of the young ladies on the cheerleading team, but he essentially told them that there is no room for their culture in MCPS. In an attempt to protest, the cheerleading team boycotted the next two games. In response to this boycott, Feher informed the cheerleaders that if they continued the boycott, they would be removed from the team. The cheers that Feher is attempting to suppress are a tradition of Springbrook High School, passed down through the years from cheerleading team to cheerleading team. Their suppression at the hands of the athletic director not only goes against everything that Springbrook High School stands for, but is an affront to principles of equality and justice.

2. Make Farmingdale Dalers Cheerleading a competitive team

Farmingdale cheerleaders have the opportunity to cheer for their town from ages 5-13 for the Farmingdale Hawks.

These athletes bring home titles such as first place and grand Champions.

When these athletes get to farmingdale High School, the sport in which they love and excel in, is not offered as a competitive team.

3. I support Carmella Dolphins

This is a petition to allow the Carmella Dolphins Y.A.A to enter into the UYFL Philadelphia NESAC league.

They are hesitant to allow us into the league because they feel like as a brand new organization, we may not have the support of the community and that we are too close to Moss Eagles A.A and may deplete their program. We are dedicated to the youth in this neighborhood.

We are truly focused on building the youth in this community into respectable young men and women by providing them an outlet to the everyday problems that exist all while having fun.

Please help us get this organization up and running by signing your name and showing your support.

4. Make All Star Cheerleading an Olympic sport

The goal of this petition is to make cheerleading an Olympic sport! Why? Because this sport is very athletic.

It requires strength, flexibility, balance and endurance. Let's make cheerleading an Olympic sport!

5. Request Baltimore Ravens Cheerleader, Courtney L to be Reinstated & Attend Superbowl with her team!

Baltimore Ravens 5 year veteran Cheerleader, Courtney L was given notice she would not be performing with her teammates at the SuperBowl XLVII. The director & front office explained they could only take 32 members of the squad and all 3+ year veterans would be going.

Courtney is a 5 year veteran and the only veteran on the team the coaching staff isn't taking. Courtney was featured in every calendar & chosen to attend many charity venues over the years and she has done every ambassadorial job with pride and class.

She was ranked 57 among 100 hottest Cheerleaders this season & is a featured cheerleader in many print articles.

Courtney announced she was retiring during the last home game at the end of the season which didn't go well with the director. She was told she didn't put in as many appearance hours this season as she did the past 4 yrs while in college. This season she earned her B.S. degree and got a full time job... Bad call. They also stated she struggled with weight on occasion & she had been benched for 2 lb weight gain during a game earlier in the fall, which is a absurd, unhealthy and a complete inaccurate measurement of a woman's "appearance" and size!

Courtney is beautiful & this organization that is supposedly out there to promote self esteem and healthy body image to millions of young girls and women nationwide has done a big injustice to Courtney & we are outraged! She deserves to be out on the field with her teammates, her family.

Since this petition started she was informed tonight Jan 27th to turn in her uniform by the team Director Tina Galdieri. She is no longer on the team because of the out roar we have caused! She needs to be reinstated and allowed to perform with her teammates at Superbowl.

6. Fight against NECYFL to save Chelsea Pride

The parents and children have been made aware of an incident that occurred during the 2011 season in which fraud was committed when a fifteen year old was allowed to play.

This information came to light following an email from the director of Chelsea Pop Warner to the NECFL. Although we question fully the motivations of the Director of Pop Warner it is clear that we should be and are disappointed in the actions of the Chelsea Pride Director.

We are equally perplexed by the NECFL's response to this action. Today we have been informed that our children will no longer be able to play football or cheer for this league. As parents living in Chelsea we all desire our children to remain healthy, play sports and avoid the violence, drugs and gang involvement.

7. Allow Bayonne Cheerleaders to Stunt; Make the Competitions Fair

In 1996 a grammar school girl was performing a basket toss (cheerleading stunt) in a Bayonne school gym during school hours. The girl fell and broke her collar bone. The school was later sued by the girl's parents and the Board of Education then banned stunting above the waist for all schools in Bayonne.

The Business Administrator at the time was Cliff Doll who recently retired. We are asking the new Business Administrator, Leo Smith for his support in theis matter.

There is always a chance of getting hurt playing a sport, could you imagine playing football without tackles? Its kind of like being a cheerleader and not being able to stunt! We always start off as the underdog when we enter a competition outside of Bayonne, everyone else can stunt and we can't.

8. Give Competitive Cheerleading the Recognition it deserves as a Sport

Old School Mentality Supports the thought that Cheerleading is a booty shaking, pompom waving, popluarity contest. This use to be true, and unfortunately, in some circles, it is.

However now, Competitive cheerleading has evolved to encompass a wide variety of athletic practices, all wrapped up into one activity. Gymnastics- tumbling is a major element in any competitive routine, in all levels from beginner to advanced. Strength training- It takes being able to lift and maintain ones own body weight, but also that of another person (or two), and month sometimes even years to master the skills.

Flexibility - Jumps, tumbling, and even the girls in the air, all need to work and master skills. Conditioning - In order to get through an entire routine that involves multiple disciplines, it takes strength & core conditioning as well as aerobic and anaerobic excercizing. Dance- Cheerdance incorporates many different styles of dance and combines them into static type movements.

The most important aspect of Cheerleading though, is the enfasis on team, while maintaining the importance of every single athletes role on that team. Each person and position is required, important, and if anyone of those people were missing, it would affect the whole team. Cheersport is the only sport where if someone is missing, you can't just substitute anyone in. Each member is an important piece to the puzzle.

9. Reconsideration of Debbie Warren

Debbie Warren is being accused of a variety of matters that cannot be reproduced here but these accusations are common knowledge and further details can be provided on request.

If only one side of a story has been voiced, there should be opportunities to voice the other side, prior to termination.

10. Bring Back the Honey Bears

The Chicago Bears are among the few franchises that do not currently have cheerleaders. This has not always been the case. From 1977 to 1985 the official cheerleaders for the Chicago Bears were the Honey Bears. They cheered at all Bears home games and performed at halftime.

Papa Bear Halas was actually the one that came up with the "dancing girl", as he called them, and said that the Honey Bears would be around as long as he was alive. After his death in 1983 the McCaskey family decided to end their relationship with the Honey Bears, declining to renew their contract following the Bears' Superbowl XX Championship.

Isn't it time that one of the leagues original franchises have cheerleaders again, and return to glory? Its the way Papa Bear would have wanted.

11. Cheerleading Worlds to be shown in the UK!

Calling all cheerleaders! We all know what the cheerleading worlds is and is shown in the United States. Well, what about cheerleaders in the United Kingdom? I really don't want to wait up all night to constantly check Youtube or google the results!

We also don't want to PAY to watch worlds, when people in America can watch this on their televisions for free, so we are calling up UK sport channels to show the Cheerleading Worlds!

12. Inuyasha And Kagome Wedding Episodes


13. We want Black as a school color

A bunch of old people are trying to get rid of the black uniforms and the students and players of today's society love the black.

Some of the elders don't like the black because they say it is not a school color. If black became a school color, they wouldn't have anything to complain about.

14. Put Kimberly Back Into Her Love: Cheerleading

Kimberly Reid has been a cheerleader since she was 7 years old. She taught herself how to tumble and I'm talking tumbling such as a backhand spring, round off handspring, handspring tuck, standing tuck, tuck back, layouts, layout step outs, and the full twisting layout.

She as well as her fellow teammates has led the lhs competition team to nationals and has partaken in a national title. Along with a national title, a first place regional title, a second place grandchampion title and a fifth place state title.

Though she has made her mistakes she has changed for the better. She's now here to regain strength heart and soul for the team she loves most. And the team needs her 100% as well.

15. Make cheerleading a true sport

Cheering has often been bigger than the other sports. Cheering should become a true sport because of the strength and dedication to do this sport.

About 500-750 girls and guys get serious or deadly injuries a year form doing just the simplest forms of cheerleading.

16. Team Spirit for our Cheerleaders

The sport of Cheerleading is being harmed by the actions of some team parents. The youth are being influenced by the words and actions they are seeing being played out right before their eyes.

If a team mom and a cheerleaders mom have a difference of opinion it should be handled in a private and direct fashion. The public is watching and the influence it has on them will fashion the opinion they have of the whole sport. The public already thinks that cheerleaders are stuck up snobs who do not care about anything but themselves.

The future of the whole sport hinges on the ability to encourge a feeling of togetherness and team spirt needed to trust the abilities of each other. When a team is in sync the whole flow is beautiful. If the kids are lead to believe they are not as good as someone else they tend to not be able to trust and the pyramid of the team is broken. People are pushed out and the old stuck up cheerleaders mith is perpetuated.

We need to be able to get along and deal with the team of cheerleaders as a whole and one body. Not as a bunch of people who do not care about each other. If the team is to be the best we all need to do the right thing and put petty differences aside and deal one on one with the parents, in a repectful and professional maner. When parent form clicks and oust other parents and newcomers the children do the same.

We need a team of parents to teach these kids not a team mom. The team as a whole should not be governed by a single mom, it should be looked over by many caring mothers, and fathers. The team should be developed into a single body, with a confident flow. The actions of one disrespectful mother are having a negitive influence on members of the board, the parent club, the squad and the public at large.

We need to as a group let her know this will not be allowed. We want our children to be in a loving, positive and caring atmosphere. Can't we all just get along. Please join us in asking the team mom/boardmember to step down and let a more caring loving and dignified person take the responcibility of our childrens welfare.

We need someone who will take the time to address the kids with respect, no matter where they come from. Someone who will lead by example. Someone who will take the time to set up fundraisers that will have an atainable outcome. Someone who will not give attitude to others who are not as well to do as she is making herself out to be. When a child and parent can not afford to just "cut a check" for the money costs it takes to be in this sport. They should not be made to feel inferior. We are not all made out of money.

17. Help Alden Junior Football and Cheerleading meet Oatka Football Regulations

Alden Junior Football and Cheerleading has been operting for 35 years. This organization benfits the youth in our community by teaching and nuturing youth sports.

We are asking for assistance in making our present playing location in the Alden Town Park meet the OATKA League regulations.