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City of Chilliwack, City of Vancouver

Old School Mentality Supports the thought that Cheerleading is a booty shaking, pompom waving, popluarity contest. This use to be true, and unfortunately, in some circles, it is.

However now, Competitive cheerleading has evolved to encompass a wide variety of athletic practices, all wrapped up into one activity. Gymnastics- tumbling is a major element in any competitive routine, in all levels from beginner to advanced. Strength training- It takes being able to lift and maintain ones own body weight, but also that of another person (or two), and month sometimes even years to master the skills.

Flexibility - Jumps, tumbling, and even the girls in the air, all need to work and master skills. Conditioning - In order to get through an entire routine that involves multiple disciplines, it takes strength & core conditioning as well as aerobic and anaerobic excercizing. Dance- Cheerdance incorporates many different styles of dance and combines them into static type movements.

The most important aspect of Cheerleading though, is the enfasis on team, while maintaining the importance of every single athletes role on that team. Each person and position is required, important, and if anyone of those people were missing, it would affect the whole team. Cheersport is the only sport where if someone is missing, you can't just substitute anyone in. Each member is an important piece to the puzzle.

I am petitioning to have Allstar Cheerleading officially declared a sport. There are multiple reasons for this.

A) Times have changed and it has evolved from the days where it was a popularity/beauty contest, where the only real skill invovled was spelling, waving pompoms, and maybe doing splits and some jumps. Now it is made up of mastering a wide variety of skills, Gymnastics (tumbling), Lifting, throwing, Conditioning, Dance, Jumping, Stunting, and much much more. It takes hours & hours, months & months and even years to master skills.

B) Because it is a sport that starts at a young age now, 4 & up, Kids, teens and adults devote lots of time and effort to practicing and honeing skills, and in this economy we live in, some parents need financial help. Other sports & activities such as Soccer, Badminton, Girl Guides, all are considered worthy of finanical assistance, but at the moment, Cheerleading is skoffed at, and not given any consideration at all. When it is more athletic that most current recognized sports!

C) Schools (Universities) In Canada, do not support their Cheer programs athletes in any way because Cheerleading isn't considered a sport. So The teams lose out on some really great athletes because of the lack of financial support.

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