Kellogg's Australia

Corn Pops is a breakfast cereal that was popular in the 1990's in australia and then it was pulled off the shelves and never sold again, I still remember it's awesome flavour and wish to have it back again.

We, the people of Australia, wish to have Kellogg's Australia bring back the Corn Pops breakfast cereal that was sold here back in the 1990's as it was awesome and we loved it as kids and want to give it to our kids, why should they miss out on the AWESOMNESS that is Kellogg's Corn Pops ( the round ones, like as is sold in Canada, not the flat ones like are sold in America).

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The Bring back Corn Pops to Australia 2013 petition to Kellogg's Australia was written by Anestashe Kelly and is in the category Miscellaneous at GoPetition.