MSN Communities, Angelfire

Online censorship has reached new heights in this day and age, when Mothers Against Everything Under the Sun rule, and the massive witch-hunt of pro-anorexia sites that has been recently sweeping the web is an almost inevitable result of a society that bows down to them. As a result of overprotective parents and overly zealous webhosts who are eager to cater to their wishes, hundreds of sites have been shut down in one of the largest sweeps of censorship in the history of the web. Many of these allegedly "pro-ana" sites are actually pro-support, and their refusal to actively bash anorexics who are unwilling to recover has earned them hate mail and censorship by their free webhosts. Just having the word "anorexic" in a sentence, not followed by "recovery", is practically enough to get a site banned by free webhosts such as Angelfire and Yahoo. With such poor judgment in evaluating which sites are harmful and which are not, is it any surprise that this petition had to be written?

We, the undersigned, believe that Pro anorexic sites have faced enough bashing and discrimination. It's time to take a stand!

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The Pro-Acceptance of Anorexics on the Web petition to MSN Communities, Angelfire was written by Izabele Sverdlov and is in the category Internet at GoPetition.