Channel 10 Australia

June 23, 2006

Channel 10, under pressure from right-wing extremists, has decided to axe the show Big Brother Adults Only. We feel that this is a breach of our civil liberties as consenting adults to watch adult content.

We, as viewers form attachments to particular housemates, and would like to see THEM, as opposed to any old porn star, engaged in sexual discussions/situations.

We feel that no religious group should have the right to push their views onto everyone else.

With regards criticisms that teenagers may be watching, we feel that it is their PARENTS responsibility to ensure that this does not happen, and the rest of us should not be penalised for the poor parenting of a few.

We also feel that 9:30pm is a late enough timeslot for this show to be aired.

We, the undersigned, disagree with the axing of Big Brother Adults Only. We feel that as consenting adults, we should be free to watch adult content if we so choose, without other people trying to force their religious views upon us.

We also feel that it is up to PARENTS to ensure their children do not watch this show, and that their possible poor parenting should not be used as an excuse to take away our civil liberties.

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