Petition Tag - bicycles

1. Bicycle road riders should pay rego and insurance

The reason for this is due to bicycle riders who ignore the road rules and safety and who think they should have more rights on our roads than are reasonable.

2. Erect cycle barriers on Bath Road footbridge Reading

The footbridge over the railway line at the junction of Bath Road and Berkeley Avenue is currently dangerous to pedestrians as cyclists use it instead of the road.

A three year old girl was hit by a cyclist there recently.

Cycle barriers would stop cyclists using this narrow footway and ensure that pedestrians and pushchairs can safely cross the bridge.

3. Allow Bicycles in Lahaina Skatepark

The Lahaina skatepark has recently been constructed with coping and angle iron on all the ledges to make it bicycle friendly. It is one of the 3 public skateparks on maui and is constructed entirly out of cement.

Bicycles and Skateboard have co-existed on maui for many years with skaters and bikers donating countless hours to help maintain and preserve these parks.

4. Allow Motorised Bikes in Australia

I live in Australia and we're always trying to find economical means of transport. I recently purchased a 49cc petrol motor kit for my push bike.

About a week later I was informed by the police it is illegal.

5. Allow our Children to enjoy their Childhood!

According to a stipulation on the CC & R's - Children are not allowed to play with wheel operated toys in the blacktop area of our complex - HOWEVER - this was never mentioned to any prospective Buyer at the time of purchase. This clause was disclosed 2 or 3 yrs. later after the close of escrow when a Fine was sent to the Homeowners.

The Association restricts children from playing YET does not provide a Safe Play ground/area for them to use. Such regulation violates Children's Rights of freedom of expression through interacting with their neighboring friends.

6. Append the Usage Permissions for the Niles, MI Community Skate Park

Currently the usage rules for the Niles Community Skate Park prohibit the use of bicycles within the skate park. These rules effectively leave community BMX bicyclists with no venue to participate in their chosen sport; save for potential trespass and/or possible public property damage.

A preliminary conversation held with the Niles Board of Parks and Recreation yielded positive input and has lead to this formation of a public petition to address the request for a skate park rules change. Our effort is to allow rules to be changed to allow the use of bicycles within the skate park.

7. Allow bikes in Tinley Park Skatepark

Tinley Park has a free skatepark in which only inline skates and skateboards are allowed. All over the united states, skateparks are starting to realize that bikes should be inlcuded just as much as the other inliners and skaters. Bike riders have brakes on their bikes and know how to ride them as any skateboarder knows how to skate. Please help.

8. Allow bikes into Gwinnett County skateparks

There are currently no public skateparks in Gwinnett County that allow BMX bikes. With the growing rate of freestyle BMX in Gwinnett County, it would be safe to keep the participants off of the busy streets and into a healthy environment.

9. Allow Bikes into Charlotte Public Skatepark

This patition is directed towards the access of BMX bikes into the new proposed charlotte skatepark.