Village of Tinley Park
United States of America

Tinley Park has a free skatepark in which only inline skates and skateboards are allowed. All over the united states, skateparks are starting to realize that bikes should be inlcuded just as much as the other inliners and skaters. Bike riders have brakes on their bikes and know how to ride them as any skateboarder knows how to skate. Please help.

We, the undersigned, support a change in policy at the Tinley Park skatepark in Tinley Park,IL. It is a common misconception that BMX bicycles in skateparks create a dangerous environment. BMX bicycles are equipped with brakes and are highly maneuverable, making them at least as safe as the skateboards and inline skates that are permitted in most skateparks. Many cities around the country already recognize this by permitting BMX bicycles into publicly funded skateparks, where they co exist with other skatepark users. Countless private skateparks already demonstrate that any and all skatepark designs are compatible with BMX bicyckes. For all of the reasons above and more, we, the undersigned, recognize the need for a change in policy at the Tinley Park skatepark, so that it will allow BMX bicycles to have a place which is accessible and safe, where BMX bicyclists may enjoy their sport.

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